Zooba (MOD, Unlimited Money/Gems/Free Skills)

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Oct 2, 2019
Dec 5, 2023
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Zooba MOD is a survival shooter game with extremely new and attractive modes. A game with intense battles but with adorable graphics. A truly entertaining game where you go along like a rebellious beast to be the last one left and win. In this article, let’s experience this new game with ApkPixel.com.

Introduction to the game Zooba

Zooba MOD is set in the context of animals that escape from their cages and fight each other, causing chaos in the city. You will be playing as one of them and fighting to survive. This is a game that gives you many new emotions. Play the role of your favorite animal, and participate in the challenging and equally fun survival process—one of the rare survival games with animal themes.

Get the battle in Zooba MOD that will revolve around animals and weapons, hilarious and lovely combat that will make you laugh. To be the winner, you have to be the last survivor. Zooba’s map is a zoo large enough for you to explore, hide, and ambush enemies. In an uncompromising battle, you can only choose between fighting and dying on the battlefield. Be careful, and show your skills and weapons to survive and win the game.

Animals possessing marksmanship skills

Zooba MOD has a lot of animals for players to choose from, such as monkeys, lions, and wolves … one common feature among them is that they all possess the ability to shoot marksmanship. You will play as one of them and show off your marksmanship. You must move skillfully, react quickly, and aim accurately to survive.

Despite being able to shoot marksmanship, these animals have a charming and somewhat humorous appearance. Fights for survival but without gore and violence. There are only fun and exciting battles waiting for you ahead. Have you chosen an animal to play with yet?

Advanced Weapons

When weapons are in hand, the animals in Zooba mod infinite money all have the same power. Most importantly, you can choose a gun that is right for you. Try to collect as many different weapons as possible to diversify your arsenal. If you are lucky, you can own destructive weapons with tremendous power. From there, you can quickly destroy the enemies you encounter, but the gun only decides apart; the most important thing is still the skill.

Upgrade your power

In addition to owning advanced weapons and practicing combat skills, you can also improve your fighting ability by upgrading the strength of the characters. You need to collect items to be able to upgrade your character. There are many stats that you need to pay attention to and consider carefully to improve your survivability and win.

Graphics and sound

The next point to mention in Zooba Mod Full Money is the stunning 3D graphics. The large map contains many places to hide. However, you should remember one thing, the flight path is limited by the distance. So, no matter where you hide, keep your distance well if you want to kill the enemy.

Not only cute graphics, but Zooba MOD also own eye-catching 3D graphics and smooth motion. The map is also huge, with many places for players to hide and fight. However, the comprehensive map will also make finding and killing other players difficult. And remember that the bullet path in Zooba is limited in distance; move to the firing range to destroy your target.

The sound effects in Zooba are also extremely lively and fun. A lot of sound effects combined will make you feel excited. In general, this is a game that is highly appreciated both in terms of graphics and sound.

Zooba MOD APK version features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Continuous shooting
  • Unlock full characters
  • Infinite Diamonds
  • Disable ads

Zooba MOD APK gives players a new experience in the survival game with cute animals. Fight with other players to be the last survivor and win. An attractive fighting role-playing game with pretty colors will help you have exciting moments of entertainment.

Reviews from users

Regina Spafford: I love this game! I play it every night to unwind. They make consistent updates and add new things. Plus, the fact that you can play with others worldwide is incredible. Best part. You can play entirely without spending money, it does help you level up faster, but it’s far from pay-for-play, where you get stuck unless you pay. So yeah, five stars!

Felipe Mateo: I like the game; the only problem I have experienced is every time I’m in a match with people higher than me and just a few in my class, it wouldn’t be much fair to me and others in my story. I would love it if you could fix the problem and put me another player at the same level and not a player at a high level because it wouldn’t be fair if everyone had a higher level than you. But I still love the game.

Tristan Kent: This team play game is not only competitive but is a good game to become friends with others. The game is more based on trying to kill the opposite team or the other characters around you. You can unlock unforgettable characters or, should I say, animals. You can level up, spend gems and coins, and open crates. One thing can you make it so you can unlock skins more frequently? And make the frames a little faster. But the game is still good.

Pavan Devalla: The game is excellent and enjoyable. But every time in the path of paws, I get the mission with a character I don’t have; II think it’s unfair. Overall, the game has graphics, new characters, and items. Please update new maps and make gm6 and gm7 for rewards like legendary and black crates.

Shkumbin Sopi: To Zooba, I love your game but have a problem. Duo and I always get in games with levels over 11 as a level 9 and 8. I wouldn’t say I like how trophies work. I like it, but instead of putting us at higher ranks. It would be best if you changed it so you put us in games with 1 level higher or one lower.

Sura Rukmini: Super game, but it’s hard to get characters in an increase in the league, and people who purchase things in it are playing with level 20 characters, and it’s becoming hard to win. Still, this game is fantastic.

Pawan Kumawat: I’ve been playing this game for about 3 or 4 years. This is a good game, But I have some issues. You are adding a new character so fast in a game that nonpurchasing players are lagging so inc, raise the percentage of a character in every crate. One issue is that the game lags or Hangs when you go to any menu, shop, or clan option. It crawls so frequently that It fades in every 2,3 minutes. Another issue is when we go into battle, the game freezes, and we have to restart it again, and we die.

Nick Coffy: I love this game. Best game I have ever played. But I have one problem. So I have a level 9 Steve. So when I joined a game, It showed I had already killed someone. So I went to hide. But while I was hiding, a level 14 Larry killed me. So matchmaking is the only problem. Everything else is on the spot!

Jakob Lopez: The most fun and exciting game ever. I have been playing the game for four years now… I have not even gotten bored of it in the time that I have spent playing. Although the only thing I have to say is once you get to the higher levels of characters, it is tough to level them up to 20 levels.

Masood Khan: The game is so good you want to play back-to-back, but the only thing stopping me is the servers. It is so bad that my wifi is. Coming too soon is good, but the game says network connection problem or kicks you out of the match.