Zombie Tsunami (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Apr 7, 2023
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Zombie Tsunami Mod is one of the cult games with fun gameplay and lovely funny character creation that has quickly become popular and won a lot of success since its launch. With Zombie Tsunami Mod Full Gold, a full diamond version of, you can buy items and experience all the exciting things in the game.

About Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

The city after the great flood

Zombie Tsunami MOD gives you the experience of leading a zombie army on the streets to eat the screaming people. After the terrible tsunami destroyed everything in the city, the zombie army is now looking for the remaining innocent people; add them to your zombie army. The more ignorant people you bite, the stronger your zombie army will be.

Not as a hero saving the world after the tsunami, you will play the villains, attacking and disturbing the city. Move and destroy everything you encounter along the way. Bite as many people as possible to strengthen the army; it is clever to preserve the zombie force not to die.

Many things in Zombie Tsunami MOD can cause zombies to be destroyed. For example, a bomb, a car about to explode, falling into an abyss, or being pushed back. The running speed of the zombie legion will be faster and faster, so you have to be clever and quick to preserve your zombie force. After each play, you will collect brains, Gold, diamonds, and many valuable gifts.

Increase your Zombie army quickly.

In Zombie Tsunami MOD, the people screaming and panicking on the street are the easiest targets to attack. In addition, people trapped in traffic are also prey that should not be ignored. However, you need many zombies to destroy the vehicle; the more significant the car, the larger the number of people.

Here is a list of vehicles in Zombie Tsunami that you can refer to:

  • Trash (dustbin): You need two zombies to earn a brain or gold coins.
  • Car (car): You need four zombies; you can make one brain.
  • Bus (bus): You need eight zombies; you can make two brains.
  • Tank (tank): You need 12 zombies; you can make three brains.
  • Airplane: You need 16 zombies; you can make four brains.

Special Skills

Along the way, you may encounter random skills, each of which grants you a unique ability for a short period. Here is a list of skills that you can get in the Zombie Tsunami MOD:

GiantZ: In this state, all your zombies will turn into giant zombies that release tremendous power lasers. They can destroy everything in their path with ease.

Ninja: Now, the zombies will become ninjas holding sharp katanas. Each jump is a slash to anything in its path.

Gold: With this ability, everything zombies touch will turn into Gold, but be careful because they can fall into the abyss.

Quarterback: Zombies will wear rugby clothes; in this state, they are immune to all types of damage. However, like Gold, they can be dropped over a cliff.

Tsunami: Probably one of the most powerful skills in the game. In this state, you will ride on the tsunami and become immortal. Please press continuously on the screen to keep the wave column as high as possible.

Dragon: In this state, the zombies will turn into dragons and fly for some time. However, they will still be damaged by bombs; you can upgrade your skills to overcome this problem.

Balloon: This skill helps the zombies to fly and avoid obstacles or deep holes in the road.

U.F.O.: Continuously clones the number of zombies after a specific time.

Mecha: The zombies will now control a robot with a saw blade in their hand; they can destroy everything they encounter.

RiderZ: Skills are only unlocked at high levels. Zombies will drive racing cars and can climb up if they accidentally fall into the pit. As you upgrade, they become invincible.

Zombie Tsunami MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money/Diamonds: When opening the game, you have a lot of money and diamonds.
  • Max level: The first time you enter the game is the Max level
  • Unlocked: Unlock all items

When first installed, your Gold and diamonds are 0, but when you finish playing the first game, the Gold and diamonds will be added.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is a fun entertainment game; the zombies are designed to be cute and not scary. Control your zombie army, destroy everything that bites the people you meet on the street, and turn them into zombies. Download with ApkPixel and experience one of the most popular zombie-themed games on mobile bile you.

Reviews from users

Michael Burchett: I love Zombie Tsunami! I’ve been playing for YEARS since I was maybe 6 or 7. I can’t remember. But I’m still hooked! No complaints. I genuinely hope the developers consider a sequel to the game. I would BUY a sequel, even if it were the same game but with updated visuals. Keep up the fantastic work, guys!

Donny Mackinnon: Fantastic game. I played it for more than five years, with no pressure to spend and daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to progress– only a SLIGHT gripe if it needs to be updated, please. Regarding the March 2023 update- not so good. A lot of glitches regarding daily tasks and missing power-ups, especially when in bonus mode. Please note these are, to me- minor issues; I enjoy the game immensely. Thank you, devs.

Tiger Vii: Great customer support, inside-scrolling zombie game, super fun upgrades, and power-ups. I love that you can wear hats and also have a pet!! Lots to do and collect!

Shrestha Tiwari: Zombies are usually ugly and disgusting and have monstrous voices, but this game’s zombies are unique .. they are cute and also make appealing sounds—also one of the best games.

James Tompsett: I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I played this as a kid, and at 16 years of age, I’m still playing it!! This a recommendation for people who struggle with focus because I work with an emphasis on stuff, and I’m good at this game.

Debbie Fluman: First of all, this game deserves to be in my nostalgia hall; I remember playing this game around 2019 On the couch. Not only is it nostalgic, but it’s also fun, and I love the large selection of things to do, Customize your zombies and make them even more potent by getting zombies and awesome upgrades. There are also Daily, Weekly, and Monthly events, keeping its players entertained until the next update. Overall this is a 5-star for many reasons, anyways thank you for making my childhood!

SHRABANI KHAMRUi: I Love this game; it is four years l have been playing this game; l Love all the things like the places, the hats, etc. Thank you for this game.