Zoldout Global (MOD, Menu/Damage, Defense)

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Jan 26, 2023
Nov 28, 2023
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Zoldout Global MOD gives you an experience in fascinating battles where heroes converge with a mission to save the world. As a talented leader, your task is to recruit top characters and use your tactical skills to win battles. Join ApkPixel.com to participate in beautiful actions in Zoldout Global.

Introduction to Zoldout Global

Zoldout Global MOD is a familiar card battle strategy game similar to the Legend of Pirates. You will be involved in fierce battles; the experience could not be more wonderful. The game requires players to be highly tactical, arrange a squad and fight to win. Your tactics must also change flexibly with each match; countless other attractive game modes await you to explore.

Card battle strategy game

Zoldout Global MOD has a familiar card game that is easy for old or new players to approach and get used to. Playing the role of a young blacksmith, you will begin your journey to explore new lands and collect resources. After forging powerful weapons, you can join battles and make your name famous.

However, your journey is never smooth; you will encounter many challenges in the adventure. Enemies are everywhere and ready to attack you anytime. Always stay alert and prepared to fight the disease at any time. You can also recruit more powerful heroes on your adventure, a strong team that can help you win and destroy all enemies.

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Improve your strategy skills.

Zoldout Global MOD requires players to have high strategic skills to win. Owning strong generals also does not give you a 100% win rate; good strategy is the deciding factor. By touching and swiping on the cards on the phone screen, you will conduct a battle formation and attack to destroy the target.

There is no one formula to fight; everything is in your thinking and creativity. Flexibility will help you win and not be passive with the change of each level. An effective tactic will help you quickly destroy and defeat the enemy. Passing each level will give you more experience, but the later levels are much more difficult.

Cards and battles

Cards in Zoldout Global MOD also decide much about your strength and tactics. You must collect strong cards and use them appropriately through each level to fight the enemy. Each card has its parameters and power; when using them after each turn, the energy index will also be consumed accordingly. The bottom line is that the energy will only refresh after each turn; this needs calculation and reasonable use. The amount of damage and the characteristics of the cards are also factors that you should pay attention to.

Craft powerful weapons

There are tons of weapons for you to choose from and fight in Zoldout Global. Each character will be suitable for a specific weapon, so you must combine skillfully to maximize the strength of the essence. Crafting and upgrading weapons to make your character more powerful makes this work highly time-consuming and money. The arsenal in  Zoldout Global is also very diverse, with more than 200 different types divided into four separate weapon groups.

Recruit and subdue heroes.

Collect as many cards of the strongest characters in Zoldout Global MOD to make your army stronger. With each character having a unique strength and skill, attack and defense stats are also different. You can upgrade the stats of heroes to make them stronger. The squad has a variety of generals that will help you increase your win rate in each battle.

Stunning graphics and sounds

Zoldout Global MOD Menu has awe-inspiring graphics designed in an eye-catching cartoon style. The characters and cards are designed meticulously and in detail, and the appearance and combat effects are also incredibly smooth. The scene and arena are also elaborated and beautifully designed to help you have the most authentic experience. Meanwhile, the sound is also one factor that makes the experience attractive in the game.

Zoldout Global MOD APK version features

  • Mod Menu
  • Immortal
  • Increase damage

Zoldout Global MOD is one of the fighting card games that are extremely attractive and worth experiencing. The game possesses stunning gameplay with beautiful and eye-catching graphics to help you have great entertainment moments. Especially with Zoldout Global MOD version will help you win faster and easier. Download and experience now.

Reviews from users

Adrian B: Not a bad game at all. The fun and engaging battle system have exciting units and some perfect art to back that all up; I can see myself playing for a while as long as the dev team plans to grow and expand. The translations are a bit off, and the dialogue feels dry, but hopefully, that will be changed down the road.

Summer LaRose: Amazing and deep strategy combat. Unfortunately, autoplay eventually opens up, but at least it’s some way into the game first. Think of different Tactics kinds of games, put them on an open field instead of a grid, add a touch more depth and exciting things into the combat, and that’s what this is like.

SD Kanon: Great game, lots of strategy with the mechanics. The card system for weapons is incredibly refreshing and makes grinding feel useful for progression. I wouldn’t say I like that the fastest play speed is paywalled, but the devs did good with this game, so I don’t mind the five bucks. Overall a great game to try.

Matt Lepinski: Incredible tactical combat system. I like the strategic depth in building a “deck” of weapons for each character on your team. Highly recommend.

Aryazaky: Cool and unique combat. Heavily optimized for low-end devices. A must-try! But the translations are often a bit icky—too much slang.

Richard Jacques: Enjoying playing the game. The story is ok, and the combat style is entertaining. No forced auto combat! Energy goes quite quickly, but get plenty of stamina pots. Recommend!

A. Sikder: Nice game, pretty fun. Kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics. I wish the graphics were a little better, especially the 3D character models.

Matt Manale: It’s a cute game with a fun TRPG system. A little awkward to control sometimes, and high rarity characters seem obscenely more powerful, with some RNG forging, but it’s comfy.

Juen Woo Tan: Excellent game with a great combat system. Strategic gameplay similar to Divinity 2. Generous rewards and free sr event characters to max out and build are on par with ssr characters. However, the p2w element is vital, with many packages to enhance one’s personality. But if you do not care about reaching the top, this game is a must-try with its easy reroll system and gameplay mechanics. All in all, I greatly recommend it.

Cornelius Weburr: The game looks dusty with plain, nonvibrant colors. The animations are decent, and the characters I got are cool enough. Summoning people isn’t generous, but it’s not as bad as most other games. Crafting weapons or gathering them has not had bad results. The weapon inventory system is weird, but you must remember to buff and attack weapons for each character.