WorldBox (MOD, Unlocked)

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Maxim Karpenko
Nov 7, 2023
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WorldBox MOD is an exciting Sandbox simulation game allowing you to enter a new world and create your own. With a distinctive art style, this game will enable you to be creative and create beauty with your creativity. You can freely draw on sharp images and create a world that comes to life as you love it. Let’s learn and discover this exciting game with ApkPixel!

General introduction to the game WorldBox

WorldBox MOD is a product of developer Maxim Karpenko, bringing in a unique combination of Indie and Sandbox genres. This game gives players exciting experiences and creative freedom when creating their world using diverse blocks. With Pixel 2D graphics, everything in the game becomes memorable and unique, giving players the most impressive experience.

Build the world you want

In WorldBox MOD, you will become a mighty God, possessing the ultimate power to create a new world. You can refactor and rebuild the world as you please. In addition, you can also destroy everything because absolute passion is in your hands. All these powers will be displayed on the screen so that you can take advantage and use them. At the beginning of the game, you will experience and discover all its attractive features.

When you start creating the world, you will begin with a small piece of land in the middle of a vast sea. Next, you will develop a culture for that land, creating a life for the inhabitants. You can build houses and create creatures and trees for your kingdom with simple gestures. Then you can create challenges and difficulties to test human vitality. You can develop dangers and bring monsters to challenge people’s ability to survive.

How to play is extremely simple.

WorldBox game has straightforward gameplay and control. You must touch the screen with your finger and use drag and drop to control the game. You can choose from many details, materials, and creatures to build your world. You also can zoom in, zoom out and move through different areas. Everything is accessible in the role of a God who can regenerate and destroy all things.

The power to destroy everything

As God in WorldBox Mod unlocks them all, you can not only create life but also can destroy everything to your liking. By using various methods, such as natural disasters, monsters, bombs, mines, or even falling meteors, you can cause havoc. Create difficulties and dangers to challenge people and watch them overcome disasters uniquely. This is also an exciting form of entertainment to satisfy the desire for entertainment and great experience.

Sharp and impressive 2D graphics

WorldBox brings impressive graphics with classic Pixel style in a 2D space. This makes the world you create unique and makes the game smaller when downloading. Besides, the integrated sound system brings an exciting and vivid game experience.

Highlights of WorldBox

  • Create and promote the existence of various magical creatures such as sheep, wolves, orbs, elves, dwarves, dragons, zombies, and many more.
  • Civilizations can be built and crafted by you, from making houses and streets to participating in battles between cultures.
  • In the sandbox, you can use different powers. You can create acid rain to dissolve the ground or even drop an atomic bomb to wreak havoc.
  • It creates natural phenomena like tornadoes, digs underground, or produces heat rays. You can enjoy creative destruction or bring it to life in your pixel world.
  • Observe how Conway’s classic Game of Life can quickly destroy civilizations worldwide. You can also create automated simulations of Langton’s ant mobile systems.
  • Try simulating disasters such as meteors, volcanoes, lava, tornadoes, water eruptions, and other natural phenomena.
  • All can be created in your pixel world, where you can develop and express your creativity.

WorldBox Mod APK version features

  • MOD Premium
  • WorldBox Mod unlocks all (Titan, VIP, …)

WorldBox MOD, with the full unlocking feature, is a novel and attractive entertainment game. This game is suitable for people with rich imaginations and professional creative spirit. Download WorldBox Mod APK to recreate the world in your style!

Reviews from users

Edgar Serrada: Very, very good game, but something that is pretty annoying is that when one of your favorites dies, you just lose them, so I would like a way to see in your favorite list the ones that have been killed and also I think that a tombstone would appear where the character died, I think it would be something nice and straightforward to add.

Brody Haskins: This game got me good. I bought Premium after a while, as I’ve seen way too many lousy sandbox games, but this one stays on my phone. Or it has for a long time. You can play it in whatever way you want. Sometimes, I smite one dude for like 50 years. Other times, I cripple children. It’s honestly just a fantastic time. I would highly recommend it. Earlier, I made a bunch of farmers just super intense. Currently, I’m using an AI to generate prayers that I can answer for them.

Jayden Cisco: This game is excellent, and I have had a fantastic experience. I also appreciated that the ads were not every couple of seconds. Yet, I do have a suggestion: add a simple little feature to identify if a character is male or female, like adding a sign in the top right to see which gender it is. All in all, this is a fantastic game.

Samuel AL-AN Hayden: I must admit I am pleasantly surprised by this. There is quite a bit to do, things to unlock. What blew me away was the simplicity of the entire game. I found myself watching little pixels run across the screen for hours. Edit; the lag has disappeared. Good work!

Canaan Smith: I love this game and recommend it for devices with higher processing power. I do have a few requests: 1. Could you have it where when a kingdom conquers another kingdom of a different race that they would perhaps take prisoners? Also, could there be a doomsday mode where the world goes infernal, the water gets replaced with lava, and the sky goes to ash? Perhaps the monolith could activate this? 2 more traits. 3, could there be more stuff like the machine core? 4 dragon variants, please.

Ivana Grebovic: I like world box. There’s nothing I would change or add, but I have to say, even on my phone from 2020, this game still lags and crashes for no reason. At times, it can run smoothly and then hit. If this game could run smoothly, you BET I would spend a LOT more time on it.. overall if you can run it. It’s fun even more with Premium… Which I sadly don’t have.

Sammy Colletti: Great game! But I have an idea, maybe something like multiplayer? You and a few friends can control the world together! You get two save spots: Offline and online; offline, you can play with yourself; online, you can play with others!

Jayden Cintron: I love this game so much. I always play it in my free time and enjoy seeing my civilizations grow! These new updates bring stuff I could never ask for but need realism gameplay. But even with all of this, I would still add a few, like suicide. Morbid, but it happens, and it should only occur more in bigger cities. Of course, you can toggle it, though, just like hunger. And civilizations are growing past the medieval age.

Nrxtez: Loving the game. It’s fun seeing how each race will evolve and who will come on top. Still, I wish there were a 120fps button on the setting for new phones that support it so the game won’t lag or drop frames when zooming in or out of a nation in bigger maps. That’s the only problem I face. It might not be a big one, but I would like to see it put into future updates.

Razorhitman: This is pretty great, now that all the previous bugs and glitches were patched out. Almost four years are going by, and the game still goes strong; I can’t wait to see how the game goes in the future.