Watermark remover, Logo eraser (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

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Watermark Remover & Slow motion & SlowMo
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Jan 13, 2021
Mar 6, 2024
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Video Watermark MOD APK is an application that helps you delete blurry or add blurred icons to your video to protect your brand. It has a range of powerful features to help you easily edit videos with just touch operations on your phone. Are you interested in this app?

About Watermark remover, Logo eraser

Watermark Video Watermark is the latest application in the 2021 collection of applications by the publisher Watermark Remover & Slow Motion & MP3 Converter. It is now available on Google Play and is rated 4.5 out of 5. This was an impressive feat in the early days of this app, and it promises to be even more popular. So, if you need to edit videos with watermarks, this is an option that you can’t miss.

As far as the overall review is concerned, I would like to commend Video Watermark in many respects. First, in terms of features, this app allows users to remove blurred images or add blurry images to videos. Besides, it also provides basic and necessary video customization tools. Second, in terms of interface, it’s pretty simple but impressive and user-friendly. So anyone can easily access it for use from the very first time. What about the rest? Let’s explore with us now.

Remove blur easily

Watermarks are a rather troublesome issue for those who love video editing. But now that problem will be eliminated when you have a video watermark. It is a powerful tool for users to remove any blur in just a few simple steps. First, you need to select the areas that contain the blur, then click Delete. Then you get the watermark-free video you want.

Users can perform at any time in the video. Just tap the screen and tap the video stop, then delete the blur in the clock without the need for a third tool. Comfortable, right?

Add unique blur

Deleting the blur is so simple; what about adding blur? Users can personalize their videos to protect their proprietary trademarks by adding blur to the video. You can add multiple blurries at the same time and adjust the display time of each blur at different times. It’s easy, and the customizability is endless.

Video Watermark offers a variety of blurry formats, such as text, images, icons, GIFs, etc. Besides, it also has more customization capabilities for each fuzzy shape, such as font color, size, pattern, and contrast. In addition, users can blur images from individual albums to create a distinct impression. You can customize it by changing size, location, etc. In particular, Video Watermark offers many super cute GIFs, icons, and stickers to add to your videos. They’re going to replace the text that describes how you feel in every second of the video; that’s great, isn’t it?

Edit Video

In addition to the main feature involving blurry, Video Watermark also offers a handy set of tools to customize the video. Specifically, it allows users to cut videos simply by dragging, dropping, and tapping on the screen. But the video quality is always guaranteed to be the same as the original, even if it’s cut. In addition, users can also customize video quality with levels such as 240P, 360P, 640P, and 1080P.

With video resolution options, users can compress and reduce the size of their video files. Thanks to that, they can easily customize, save, and share videos anywhere, even on their phone. Moreover, Video Watermark also features a variety of video frames that can be customized in ratios of 1:1, 16:9, and 9:16. So the output video can be compatible with many of the most popular social platforms, like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Friendly interface

Video Watermark has an interface that is almost identical to today’s video editing applications. However, it’s somewhat simpler thanks to its friendly and optimized interface design. Features will be displayed visually in the bottom bar or next to the screen. So the user can easily access it for use, while the central interface for editing is not obscured. In addition, the operations in the application are mainly touching, dragging, and dropping. Therefore, anyone can use it without going through any training.

What’s the Watermark MOD APK Video Version?

  • Premium Unlocked

Don’t miss Video Watermark if you need to edit video on your phone. Everything’s easy, from deleting blurry to adding different blurries, cutting, merging, customized resolution, compression, etc. to your video.