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Dec 6, 2023
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War Robots Mod is a beautiful shooting action game with modern Robot warriors. Players will take over control of their Robot and cooperate with five other teammates to build attack tactics to destroy opponents. This war is brutal and takes place on a variety of maps. Let’s explore this classic game with ApkPixel!

General introduction to the game War Robots

War Robots Mod is a MOBA action game on the Android operating system with the most attractive robot theme. Developed by Pixonic, the play debuted in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular action games. With more than 50 million players and more and more people participating, War Robots Mod is increasing its appeal.

Attractive Features of Mod War Robots

This game is fun with engaging gameplay and has an incredible collection of Robots, a wide variety of weapons, and a rich map. In particular, the PvP feature is optimized to give you a great gaming experience.

Attractive gameplay

War Robots Mod APK offers straightforward gameplay, allowing you to participate in the fierce battle between giant robot warriors. You will join five other teammates to start the fight, and the goal of destruction will change depending on the game mode you choose. It can be to score the highest score or survive until one of the two factions is annihilated. In particular, the survival game mode will create drama when you fight on a brutal battlefield.

Rich robot system

The Robot is the most critical factor; it is your reliable comrade on the brutal battlefield to defeat cruel enemies. This game has two main types of Robots Normal Robot and Epic Robot. Epic robots are superior warriors with superior combat abilities and special skill systems, bringing many vital advantages in battle, so many players target them.

Stalker and Loki are good examples, with the ability to invisibly for a time, rendering enemies invulnerable to your attack. In addition, many other types of robots can increase damage or move faster, allowing you to choose according to your playing style. Moreover, when you have enough money, you can replace parts and upgrade your Robot to improve combat performance.

State-of-the-art arsenal

Weapons are essential and indispensable in War Robot Mod’s unlimited money. Equipping your Robot with a modern weapon system will enhance the Robot’s ability to fight against opponents on the battlefield. Weapons in the game are divided into different categories, including light, medium and heavy weapons, each with its value.

Equipping your Robot with excellent and modern weapons is essential. Because over time, your opponents also get stronger and stronger through challenges and battles. Good equipment will give you an advantage and increase your ability to defeat your opponent quickly. You need to choose the location to install the weapon appropriately; this will increase the ability to damage and destroy enemies on the battlefield.

Destruction map system

War Robots Mod includes 12 types of maps, each with its distinct layout and structure. You can set the right strategy for each map. Springfield is an extensive map divided by a river and connected by a bridge. A field with sparse trees and obstructions is on one side of the map. The other side has many constructions, creating obstacles and blocking the view.

In addition, other maps such as Valley, Rome, Castle, and eight others offer unique challenges and structures for you to explore and try out.

Addictive game mode

War Robots Mod unlimited money offers many different game modes for you to choose from, including Quick Match, Domination, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Arena, and Skirmish. However, only two modes Arena and Skirmish, are open only on weekends for players to participate.

Each game mode is divided into two styles: default and custom, so you have the flexibility to choose. If you select the default style, you will participate in matches with the intelligent Artificial Intelligence system. You will be placed on a random map and team up with five other players for a thrilling 6vs6 battle.

War Robots Mod Apk version features

  • War Robots Mod menu – TheArmKing Speed Multiplier
  • Set Jump Height. – Set Jump Height
  • No Gravity. – No Gravity
  • Remove Gravity – Bots donʼt shoot
  • Bot-controlled Robot won’t shoot

War Robots Mod Apk is constantly being updated to bring the best experience to players. With unique graphics and quality sound effects, you will surely be satisfied. Download this game to complete the approach and participate in the fiery battles.

Reviews from user

Kanzani Sakala: Awesome game. I am sure everyone can agree. Through l, the developers should have at least two upgrades per interval. It will be beneficial. I love the updated 9.0 anniversary. It’s the best thing to happen in war robots, where you can get free stuff for battling and earning coins.

Wesley King: Great experience for players of third-person shooter games, with great graphics and physics. The only problem I have is that some of the robot’s walking sounds are somewhat glitchy, but overall, it’s a minor issue that is easy to fix.

David Mann: Good game, but it costs money to enjoy the game. I’ve spent over 140 pounds upgrading one robot to mk2 and learned a lesson there. Won’t do that again. Mk2 or mk3, I feel, aren’t worth the money you spend. The game is excellent. I can’t fault the game. The prices for gold, etc., are disgusting.

Randy Miller: It’s pay for play. The more you pay, the better your gear. Other than that, they .makethe game fun enough to make you want to pay. I still play don’t know what you are talking bout, Willis. Eventually, you will rank to a point where paying for gear is required if you want to win games on the regular; in all, I love this game; soo much fun.

Nathaniel Canty: Everyone agrees that to get a new “ultimate” weapon costs around 2 million gold just for the robot/weapon. Also, the idea of making a gun perfect again is fantastic. It’s just the idea of making a whole new weapon which we don’t want; we won’t the terrible weapons to have around a 30% damage upgrade and reduce the reload time to about 6 seconds and maybe a more extended range, a gun that this should happen to is the taran everyone loves the sound, idea but it’s doesn’t fit high tier.

Daniel M: Very impressed with the game since returning after about a year. The store is reasonably priced with many options and offers; quite possibly one of the best stores I’ve seen in a mobile game. Ads aren’t intrusive as they’re optional and usually always provide a reward which is uncommon in free competitions. Overall it’s a great game with fantastic graphics and performance, fun gameplay, and a ton of content.

Gary Garner: After I put a few dollars into the game, it’s excellent; plan the attack and stay in a formation, flank the other side, weaken them, then come in with better bots; the flying bots work best on a flanking maneuver, the Titans are brutal to destroy, keep pounding them with air to the ground, to weaken them then send in your fastest bots too do more damage, and then, send in your best titan.

OussaMah Tunisia: Good game, but you should give a daily bonus of gold and keys (200 at least for both) without ads and extras you show watching fair ads. But some rewards without ads would encouraprizesers to open the game daily. And why not a good tip for players who open the game for some consecutive days?

Cotton Top: Fun…. however if you have Android, it may freeze up from time to time, but other than that, I appreciate that they make it easy for upgrades, and in-app purchases are very affordable.

Timothy Marshall: Fun! You can watch ads to gain materials for upgrades and boosts, but there are no forced ads that you have to watch. The in-game purchases are cheaper than many other games, and they are generous with event rewards. Match types are similar to a popular first-person shooter (Domination, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, etc.). It is relatively easy to progress and upgrade with low-cost purchases.