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Nov 6, 2023
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Video Compressor MOD APK (Premium Unlock) will solve all issues related to saving or compressing video on mobile devices. Thanks to this, you can easily resize your video to your liking while still ensuring the best quality. In this article, join us to learn more about this useful application.

Introduction to Video Compressor

In many cases, we’re sure you’ll encounter cases where you can’t share the video with people around you because it’s too big. Therefore, an application that supports video capacity reduction, such as Video Compressor, will help you solve the above problem.

Video Compressor: Meet the demand for reduced video capacity on mobile devices

In addition to reducing video capacity, Video Compressor also allows users to remove inappropriate elements, clip video, etc. Basically, this product from the MobileIdea Studio publisher will help you create a perfect video in many ways. Currently, the app has reached over 10 million installs on Google Play with a 4.7 rating, so don’t miss out on its appearance.

Support for video compression on request

Most videos today take up a lot of memory, making it difficult for users to store them. It’s also understandable because the video quality is getting better and better with premium formats that keep viewers enjoying the best content. This is the time to use the video compressor. It will help you compress the amount of video you want without excessively affecting video quality.

It’s very simple to use; you just need to load the video to reduce the capacity. Then, click on the Compress Video feature that appears on the main screen to perform the video volume reduction process immediately. The algorithms will work automatically without any help from the user; is that convenient?

Export audio from video

Most videos contain audio to make it easy for viewers to understand what they want to convey. In some cases, we’ll need to extract audio from the video to separate it completely from the original image. This will help you get the best sound, even when the video is not playing. Don’t worry, Video Compressor will help you solve the above problem instantly through its built-in audio output. Simply select the video you want to export audio from, and then select the available feature to instantly export audio. All audio generated from this application will be saved as popular mp3.

Quick video compression speed

In addition to video compression support, compression speed is also one of the factors that many users are interested in if other apps that support video compression on mobile cause many users to feel uncomfortable because of too long compression speeds, which takes them a lot of time to compress the video.

Compressors are quite the opposite, so we can assure you that it’s one of the fastest video compression applications today. This app integrates hardware codecs that promise to support the best in video compression. Besides, new algorithms are constantly added to the application to provide the user with the most convenience.

Easy to share

Once you have created the video with the most optimal capacity, you can easily share it with people around you through the available sharing feature. The video compressor provides an extremely easy way to operate and does not cause too much trouble for every user. Thanks to that, with just a few basic operations, you can easily share any video with people around you instantly. In addition, all the features available in this app are completely free, allowing users to use it at any time.

Friendly interface, easy to use

It can be seen that the interface system in Video Compressor is really simple and doesn’t have too many features on the screen. Basically, the user just needs to select the video he wants to compress and perform compression through the available icons. All other features have the same usage, so we believe that anyone can use this app with ease. Overall, the interface of this application is intuitive, easy to use, and has a quick response to operations.

What’s the Video Compressor MOD APK version?

  • Premium Unlocked

If you’re struggling with reduced video capacity, Video Compressor MOD APK is a great choice. This app not only has built-in compression features but also offers a lot of other customizations for your videos. Try using the Video Compressor Mod version that we provide below this article to experience all of the app’s most advanced features.