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Dec 7, 2022
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Following the great success of Shadow Fight, publisher Nekki continues to release the “brainchild” Vector. Similar in style to Shadow Fight, Vector brings players wholly new and unique content and gameplay. Prepare yourself with agile hands to experience the most complex movements ever. Download Vector Mod and get started now!!!

Download Vector Mod – Chasing journey

Nekki released a Vector based on inspiration from Parkour. This sport originates from several techniques in the military environment, which can be understood as using techniques to overcome obstacles.

There is no need for too elaborate equipment; you need a set of clothes, shoes, and a sports spirit to become a parkour athlete. However, because this subject is quite dangerous and injury-prone, you must practice hard and seriously.


The story originates from an employee’s escape from prison at a mysterious company. As an employee wearing an elegant business suit, you think you will encounter many good and favorable things. But no… You are constantly under heavy pressure from work and superiors. That makes you tired and unable to bear it anymore.
Download Vector mod
And then you threw away all the files and papers, broke the glass door on the 30th floor, and jumped down. It sounds like the action is taking place in a building somewhere in the city, right?

As a result… It would be best to try to dash across the rooftops to escape the company’s security guards and avoid being electrocuted. Fortunately, because you are a professional parkour, everything seems more accessible.

Shadow Fight style graphics

If, in other games, you are impressed by the character images designed with various colors, then in Vector, the highlight lies in the background because the main characters are black silhouettes. Furthermore, the character’s movements are shown very realistically, making players feel like they are in real action movies.

It can be said that Vector is Shadow Fight in the parkour version. All the diverse and realistic experiences that Vector brings will give you exciting feelings that are hard to find in other games.


The game is a chase between employees and company protection. Both characters possess the techniques of a parkour athlete. Players can choose one of two modes: Story and Hunter.

In Story mode, you will play the role of an office worker. You must do everything from running, jumping, climbing, and rolling to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line quickly, especially overcoming the chase of security staff. It would be best if you never forgot that he can catch up with you anytime. Therefore, every action must be performed quickly and skillfully.

In Hunter mode, you will be tested as a security officer. Your task is to reach the office worker as quickly as possible and electrocute him with the available device. Even though you carry a lot of things with you, you still have a breakneck speed and the ability to perform techniques smoothly.
The controls of this game are pretty simple. Just swipe the screen to adjust your running speed and direction. Swipe up to jump, swipe up twice to perform a double jump, swipe down to lie down and slide over mid-range obstacles, and swipe right to speed up, whether you’re a staff member or a security guard. Acceleration is essential.

Unlock more skills

To help players have more excitement, Vector allows them to use gold collected along the way to unlock skills that support their actions. Skills in the game often come in combos; therefore, you must not use them automatically. Don’t just think about running; collect a lot of gold to unlock many skills and increase your strength.
Vector is a straightforward name, but this is an impressive game in all aspects: unique graphics, good gameplay, and diverse content. You need to collect as many stars as possible to unlock new levels. However, wanting to overcome the stages is not easy. And sometimes, failing to overcome challenges makes you uncomfortable. Don’t hesitate to come back and play again.

MOD version of Vector APK

  • Unlimited Money

Perseverance and fighting spirit will bring you wonderful experiences. It can be said that this is an attractive game, according to most gamers, a success worthy of what it brings to players. With all the things that Vector MOD APK brings to users, it would be a pity if you didn’t download the game immediately, right?