Tap Tap Breaking (MOD, Unlimited Coins and Diamonds)

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ODAAT studio
May 5, 2019
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This is a great game, and I love it, but one thing keeps bothering me. That thing is that there is only one skin in the game. You should add more skins, and even if you want, add some buffs and make them cost gems. Tap Breaking Mod is an attractive simulation game, considered one of the greatest games today, with simple gameplay just touching the screen. This game has become a popular trend because it is easy to play and offers great fun. In particular, in the simulation game genre, Tap Tap Breaking focuses on a single theme and tries to create the most enjoyable experience possible. Imagine you have a game where just using your finger, you can smash everything around. Let’s explore this exciting game with ApkPixel!

General introduction to the game Tap Tap Breaking

Tap Tap Breaking Mod is a simulation game developed by ODAAT studio. The game has straightforward gameplay but offers many different smashing challenges. You will be placed in front of objects such as wood, bricks, iron bars, stones, and more, and your task is to break them. Each challenge has increasing difficulty, and the rewards are also more attractive. It would be best to continuously upgrade your strength to smash objects with increasing hardness to succeed.

Can you use the power of your hands to smash them all? Experiment with yourself to find the answer in this fun game!

The gameplay is straightforward.

Hack Tap Tap Breaking offers simple and fun gameplay. Repeatedly tapping the screen will help your character break the challenging objects. However, their hardness will gradually increase, so you must upgrade your character’s strength and stamina.

Characters in the game will use the power from their hands to smash objects. When an object is split in two, you will receive coins corresponding to the damage you deal. Each hit will reduce the character’s health, so you must give him a break to recover his health.

In addition to health, you must pay attention to the darts bar. When the object is broken, the damage point will increase. When it reaches its maximum, your character will become invincible. You will have double damage at that time, and your health does not decrease when smashing objects.

Break all the challenges.

Starting the game Tap Tap Breaking Mod, you will enter the training mode, where you will get used to the ability to break simple objects. These objects are usually thin sheets of wood and will then be strengthened to smash more panels. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to unlock new things to try to break them.

The task of breaking objects will continuously increase in difficulty, including the dragon ball, the Rock, the mountain, and even the planet and the Sun. How many types of objects can you smash with your arm in the game?

Character upgrade

Balance is essential in Tap Tap Breaking Hack APK, and players must pursue it to experience a better game. In addition to the increasing hardness of the object to be broken, the player must also upgrade the attributes of his character. Characters have features such as Strength, Health, and Recovery Speed, which affect each other, allowing the player’s hits to deal massive damage to objects. In particular, when using Tap Tap Breaking Mod APK, you can slowly conquer challenges with the game’s increasing difficulty.

Lots of fun game modes

An interesting point in the Tap Tap Breaking Mod menu is the variety of game modes, giving players a great entertainment experience. The game offers three different ways as follows:
Training Mode: This is the default mode; players start from here to get used to the game. You will strengthen up to a certain level to unlock more new challenges.
Challenge Mode: This is a more skill-demanding mode with many different stages, and each step has a particular object to break. The number of broken things will increase with each round. If you pass ten games, you will get an enormous reward and continue to the next stage. The difficulty increases gradually, requiring players to upgrade skills and strength to break objects successfully.

Golden Bar Mode: This is a special mode in which you can only participate when you reach a violent state. Try to break as many items as possible to get a lot of bonuses, help you upgrade your character, and unlock new parts.

Top-notch graphics system

Tap Tap Breaking Hack Mod menu presents simple but bright 2D graphics, giving players a relaxing feeling. Colors in the game are used creatively, creating a rich and attractive color space. Besides, the game Hack Tap Tap Breaking also comes with fun background music and lively sound when the character breaks objects with their hands.

Tap Tap Breaking MOD APK version features

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Infinite Diamonds
  • Infinite power
  • Unlimited blood
  • Recovery speed
  • Destruction speed
  • 100% Critical
  • No ads
  • Bought Auto Breaking

Tap Breaking Mod APK is a game with simple gameplay but is highly addictive. If you are looking for moments of relaxation, immediately download this game to your phone to satisfy your passion for smashing different objects. Download the game Tap Tap Breaking to have exciting experiences and create memorable entertainment moments.

Reviews from users

YungMo: This is a very addictive game. It is very gritty and could take half a year to complete without Auto clickers or paying anything. My main downside is this gets dull when you get stuck in places; you will get stuck many times over, and it will take a while to get past it. My main upside is that it is an addictive game with pretty cool animations, music, and some items you can break.

Adrian Cooper: I can’t explain why this is so addicting, but it’s SO satisfying and pleasant to play. The art is top-notch; I adore it so much. There feels like a lot of freedom to play how you want to, and the increasing difficulty feels challenging but not impossible, perfect balance. Recommend. Great game.

ItsJust Me9066: It’s fun and very well made from what I’ve seen; no bugs need fixing to optimize user enjoyment. I like being able to choose to watch ads or not, for the most part. I hope the creators make more games; they’ve got talent.

Maria Banuelos: With the power of lag, my high stats of control and I completed the whole level ten break minimal delay, the highest level of minimal delay at 0.1 seconds. I click with my two fingers, and then the character just stands without doing anything, and the chopsticks break, and the boy just stands there, not doing anything.

Robert Wallace: Man loves the game; it got me hooked; I hope this game continues to grow, and I hope you add more stuff and other things as well, like clicker heroes; I hope in the future you add ascensions where you start over and you’re more substantial, anyways continue the good work I’m not even done I just got to Universe and dame that one takes a long time. I don’t know if I missed it in the description, but does the character continue even though you exit the app? If not, you should add that feature.

ezBooks Marketing: Most likely, this will take 1.3671 Years to complete with an auto clicker but no buying things and no tricks. It would take 1.29 Years to complete with gimmicks and an auto clicker without buying. That is most likely. The disadvantage is you need healing hp Faster or the same speed as the auto clicker, but that will probably be very hard, and you probably need 1000 Healing hp per second.

Rowan: his game is very addictive, and the ads are barely noticeable. However, some words’ spelling is terrible and a bit annoying. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing about this game.

Noah Fiedler: I watched someone play this game, and I thought it was fun, so I started playing. After about 1 hour of watching videos and tapping my screen, I have. I am already in space. I’ve been playing for as long as possible I’m attacking the area Rock, but by the time you see this, I will probably be destroying the Sun.

Jered Rudkin: First game where it became a grind to level up if you have enough time. I didn’t mind how long it took, as it entertained me. Most games give you everything too quickly to keep you happy, but this game makes it to where you work for it in a way that doesn’t turn you off.

Evan Mckinney: This game is excellent, and I love it, but one thing keeps bothering me. That thing is that there is only one skin in the game. You should add more skins, and even if you want, add some buffs and make them cost gems.