Stick War: Legacy (MOD, Unlimited Gems)

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Max Games Studios
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Jan 31, 2016
Dec 12, 2023
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Stick War: Legacy MOD is today’s most exciting and attractive stickman game. When participating in the game, you will have complete control of the stickman, control the army at your disposal. Create many stick people, mine lots of gold, and fight to win. Troops include swords, spears, archers, mages, and sometimes even giants. Unlike survival games, in this game, you command your army to fight and destroy enemy statues from there to win. In this article, let’s explore this exciting game with ApkPixel.

Introduction to Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy MOD is a strategy game in the popular Stick War series loved by millions of gamers. Since being released by Max Games Studios, Stick War: Legacy has always kept its charm. The game has reached over 100 million installs worldwide on Android and iOS platforms.

Fascinating storyline

Stick War: Legacy MOD Unlimited Money has a relatively attractive storyline in a world called Inamorta with constant wars. The nations are constantly racing for arms and invading each other. Differences in culture and identity that is why wars will never stop. New weapons and technologies are continually being researched to serve the war. In such a world, you have to both defend and attack if you want to survive and thrive.

Each country in Stick War: Legacy MOD has its own offensive and defensive power; your first job is choosing a suitable land with unique weapons to create your identity and fighting style. You will be their leader, making the most of the power of the weapons to attack and defend. Sometimes war is the only way to make peace again in the kingdom of Inamorta.

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Come up with tactics.

When you first join Stick War: Legacy MOD, you will be acquainted with four different character classes. Each character class has advantages and disadvantages that you need to pay attention to maximize the power. Four character classes will include archers, sworders, mages, and soldiers. These are fundamental forces and play a role in the foundation of your army. Understand each character class’s characteristics to devise reasonable tactics, then upgrade and develop the nation’s military system.

Stick War: Legacy mod 99999999 diamond allows you to control your army freely. Invent new strategies to increase your chances of winning battles. For the military to grow strong and fast, you need money and resources; each type of soldier in Stick War has a different price. To win, you need to calculate carefully before making a decision.

Brain battles

Stick War: Legacy MOD gives players the experience of tactical battles. Each country you confront has its war technology. Therefore, your strategy must also change flexibly to be able to win. Destroy opponents to receive valuable loot and resources, upgrading and developing your army to be more robust and muscular. Sometimes a mighty military is not enough; you need to have the ability to lead the army and be tactical to trounce the opponent.

Every perfect army in Stick War: Legacy MOD Infinite must balance melee and ranged combat. These two forces fight and complement each other, creating pressure on the other. It would be best if you used giants as the vanguard for levels with towers and cannons. A strong army is a cohesive army that works together to fight and does not reveal any weakness. Victory will surely be in your hands.

Many attractive game modes

Stick War: Legacy MOD has a classic primary game mode that many players love, but survival and combat are two game modes that are also interesting to experience.

  • Survival mode: Lead the stickman army to battle bloodthirsty zombies, destroy all of them, and win.
  • Tournament mode: This is where you can compete online with millions of other players worldwide.

Stick War: Legacy MOD version features APK

  • Unlimited money, diamonds
  • Unlock full for free

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK gives you the experience of an experiential battle strategy game. Engage in fierce battles with other kingdoms and become the king of a vast empire. A game with simple, attractive gameplay with vivid graphics will bring you moments of great entertainment.

Reviews from users

Kyler Patrick: It’s an incredible game. I love the idea of conquering different classes of warriors and gaining their abilities to conquer more then. It also has good gameplay mechanics, and it has difficulty. I’ve been playing it for a day now and loving it! Also, not many ads are an absolute plus.

Kaleb Chapman: Honestly, the best game I’ve ever played. Most bugs are issues with the device you use or the size of your screen, sometimes, the x on an ad is too small to click, but you can just use airplane mode. The game is very replayable, and I’ve been playing it for nine years now; the zombies are a challenge and require planning and strategy, and the weekly challenges are unique. I wish that there was an ONLINE tournament mode.

Allyssa Jaleco: I love this game recommend it; this was one of my fav childhood matches back then; when I downloaded it again today, it is still exact; nothing changed, which I love. This game is fun and exciting, it may sometimes be challenging, but you need to improve and memorize the strategy to defeat the enemies; it can be played offline, too, so recommended.

Sebastian Valentin: I completely love the game. It’s enjoyable and sound and even quite the boredom killer! But there are some things I want the game to have… It is a PVP mode, and I like the tournament to at least have something new: a 1v1 tournament against real players. Because it’s sometimes boring needing to fight the same Ai players and has recent achievements. If you have the complete armor set, I want it to have something around its chest then that it has one unique ability or something.

Kimanis Rider: This is so awesome! Dude. The background music is very excellent, like the music background name (field of memory), which is very cool. But there is one problem I can’t control the screen. Even I click a ‘swordwrath,’ I can’t move, so can you please fix it? This is very a fantastic game.

Jakob Dufour: A fantastic game, probably the best mobile game I have ever played. The gameplay is excellent, and you get hooked on the story. The challenge of beating the game is perfect, and on top of all that, there is NO ADS. The perfect mobile game to play when you are bored.

Aidan Savilla: This is my honest opinion about all modes. CAMPAIGN The campaign is the story mode, and it is perfect. There are no bugs or glitches, so obviously, this game has been out for years, maybe even 10s of years, but anyways the mechanics are very clean, the gameplay is enjoyable the story is pretty good. Still, the story is primarily bland as it is mostly just that there are tribes and kingdoms the kingdoms have made.

Andrew Simpson: You can beat easy difficulty without any upgrades, and it’s about as hard as insane with upgrades a game you would download on every phone you’ll ever have. This is one of the must-have games like Swordigo and is far better than 90% of the free games out there. It’s a free game with not too many ads, not a lot of pressure to spend money, and if you decide to pay, you get a whole lot for it, so, in my opinion, it’s better than clash royale hunt royale rush royale they don’t compare.

Jellica Ginete: Like this game. When I was seven years old, I finally finished accessible mode! I rate this a 5-star because I’m happy to download it. But I won’t play it. Cause I was waiting for the update for seven years! Well, I know this is no way that there’s a chance for pay to win. So this war game that I needed was adorable. This is the end of my review.

M J Masood: This is a perfect game. It has a lot of ads, but you can turn off your internet, and if you get bored with the campaign, the game has a new mode called missions, and you get two new levels each week. I’ll give this a 5-star.