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Harshad RJ
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Oct 20, 2012
Nov 2, 2023
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SkEye Pro MOD Unlock All is an application that helps users observe and identify objects in the night sky such as stars, planets and other objects in space. Accordingly, this application works like a telescope with the help of the camera on Android devices. From there, you just need to orient the device to observe any object in the sky.

Introducing SkEye Pro APK

Have you ever lay on the grass, looking up at the vast night sky and wondering which star, which planet, or which constellation it is? SkEye Pro is the answer to all your space exploration dreams. Accordingly, this application from publisher Harshad RJ provides an extremely simple way of operating. Just open the app and point your device at the sky, a magical world will be displayed on the screen.

Especially, with realistic navigation mode, SkEye Pro turns your phone or tablet into a digital telescope. Thereby allowing you to easily identify and track thousands of space objects. When using this Pro version, you can access more advanced features than the regular version. Of course, you will have to pay around $9.99 to download this app through Google Play.

SkEye Pro MOD – Specialized astronomy application with outstanding features

Basically, this is the feature that makes SkEye Pro stand out more at the present time. The realistic navigation mode in this app provides an impressive and convenient night sky viewing experience. To understand better, imagine you are holding a window through which you can see the night sky combined with digitized information. When you open this mode and point the device at the sky, the screen will display a real image of the night sky.

Information is displayed in more detail

The special thing is that the information in the application has been upgraded by adding names, directions, and data related to the celestial objects you are seeing. For example, when you focus on a strangely bright star, SkEye Pro will instantly tell you its name, along with other information like distance, brightness, and possibly its history or origin. It. Another advantage of AR mode is the ability to interact directly. If you want to know more about a certain planet or constellation, just tap it on the screen.

Update data in real time

When it comes to the universe, everything is in a constant state of motion. Planets orbit the Sun, stars appear and set according to the time of day, and even the positions of constellations change with the seasons. To help users observe the sky accurately, SkEye Pro always updates this data automatically and in real time.

That is, every time you open the app and point your device at the sky, the system will not only show you what the sky is like at that moment. In addition, the application also predicts and tells you the exact location of objects in the sky in the near future. This makes observing easier, especially when you want to track the movement of a planet or any other astronomical event.

Diverse database

The SkEye Pro app’s vast database is a treasure trove of spatial information that any user will appreciate. When you zero in on a celestial body, such as a planet, the app won’t just tell you its name. Going deeper, the application provides information about characteristics, history, and important events related to that object. Additionally, this database includes information about thousands of stars, planets, constellations, deep celestial bodies, and more.

Import custom categories from CSV files

This is a more advanced feature than the regular version. With custom category import from CSV files, you can decide what you want to track in the sky. What is your favorite astronomical object, asteroid or artificial satellite that interests you? Simply create a CSV file containing all the necessary information and import it into SkEye Pro. Instantly, you have a space museum in the palm of your hand, just for you. Overall, this is a great opportunity for you to create your own unique night sky.

What does the SkEye Pro MOD APK version have?

  • MOD Features:
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For those new to the world of astronomy or those who want to quickly answer questions about the night sky, SkEye Pro MOD APK is a powerful partner. This application provides users with many outstanding features, along with a large database and real-time updates that will definitely make you unable to ignore it.