Potion Punch 2 (Unlimited Money/Tickets)

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Oct 15, 2019
Dec 4, 2023
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Potion Punch 2 has proven that a successful title in Part One will definitely have a second one to be expected. Expecting gamers have received a good response from the Monstronauts publisher. This second part is not only new; it’s great and much more perfect. The field of magic is exploited subtly and thoroughly. In the role of an alchemist, you can do miracles in the magical world. Potion Punch 2 MOD APK promises more than that.

Download Potion Punch 2 Mod: Become a Special Alchemist

Potion Punch 2 is entertaining, but it doesn’t lack the “material” to make a super-product. You’re not just a wall alchemist; in this game, you’re the owner of an odd store. This is the most remarkable place in town. People are both curious, disagreeable, and scared of this place. Lyra is the main character in the game with special magical abilities. The owner of this store has the ability to control the weird disease that’s spreading in town. Through her orders, Lyra invented a miracle remedy for the sick.

Run the magic store.

This game has all five themes for players to explore. Each topic has its own interesting point. You can combine many things to create magical objects. As a hostess, you need to meet the needs of the guests who visit this place. Just like its predecessor, the main task remains to create things on the orders of the “gods.”. Bring them products that please them with their special magic skills.

With a diversified system of requirements, you need to be able to respond in terms of time factors as well as specific types. Satisfying your customers will help you make more profits. The more money you have, the easier and simpler it becomes to expand your store.

Protect the store.

The unique feature of Potion Punch 2 is the mission system. In addition to normal business, you have to fight to protect your store. Unlike other business areas, you’re running a magic store. So this place could be within the reach of the attackers.

Their purpose is to destroy this place, so you have to clean up the shop. If it’s a security issue, the items in your store will lose everything. To protect the store, use magic to make soldiers. They’re going to have to protect this place and keep your business going smoothly and well.

New guests.

The features of the arcade game line are not lost in this exciting game. In the course of the experience, you will meet many new characters. They’re the customers who visit your store. Every guest has a different story and a different need. Their demands are also yours. Try to respond well to what they desire to receive the satisfaction and reward they deserve. The challenge is increasingly difficult. So, upgrade your own cooking skills. When you’re competent, you can help your customers with any problems they encounter.

Upgrading and expanding the Potion Punch 2 store has a lot of things that make players feel interesting. In addition to the above activities, you have to complete a developmental challenge. Specifically, decorating shops and buying decorative items. Upgrade your business space with more items. Once you qualify, unlock more stores to build into a big brand.

What’s the Potion Punch 2 MOD APK version?

  • Infinite Gold

If your target is new, creative entertainment titles, don’t miss Potion Punch 2. Whether it’s part one or part two, the game has great things worth investing in. Download the Potion Punch 2 MOD APK for free!