Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 (MOD, Menu/Jump/Dumb Enemies)

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Aug 31, 2023
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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod is the second part of the game, Poppy Playtime, following the success of the previous version. This game is created to give players a more exciting and stressful experience. In the following article, let’s explore this game with ApkPixel.com and how to install it on your phone!

About the game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a product developed by MOB Games Studio, bringing players into a horror world through a first-person perspective. The game takes you to become a former employee of a toy factory, and your task is to explore every different corner to find out the secret and find a way out of this scary place. You will face the chase of scary toy monsters. Can you escape their pursuit?

Attractive elements of the game Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD APK is built on various contexts and focuses on an abandoned toy factory.

The fight to escape the dangerous place full of monsters

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile APK, the story continues from the previous part, taking you into the space of a toy factory that has been abandoned for a long time. Previously, this factory produced Huggy Wuggy or Cat Bee dolls and other toys, which received love from children and the community. However, the company suddenly went bankrupt one day, and all the workers mysteriously disappeared.

When you download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile for free and play on your phone, you will play as one of the few surviving employees in the factory. You don’t know exactly what happened and decide to investigate to find out. Entering this factory, you will face dangerous toy monsters, and you must find a way to escape from them and uncover hidden secrets.

Find a way to survive in the horror factory.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod gives you a new experience, unlike any previous version. Instead of just facing simple challenges, you will have to deal with more complex tasks than ever before this time. With two stretchy blue and red hands and super-speedy feet, you will have to move quickly through complicated turns into gloomy dungeons to find a way out.

The surrounding atmosphere was shrouded in ominous darkness, only the flickering lights highlighting where you were. There is a scary toy workshop, and you can explore ruined train stations, spooky playgrounds, and strange rooms. But be careful because the mother doll will follow and chase you in the dark. It treats you like prey and constantly seeks to eliminate you from this factory.

With Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod, you will go through a challenging, dramatic, dark adventure. Get ready to learn the mystery behind these horrifying events and run away from the mother doll’s menacing hand.

Clash with the cruel creature Mommy Log Legs.

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod, the player must face the monster Mommy Log Legs – an evil and seductive doll with delicate pink tones. Mommy Log Legs can move mysteriously, sometimes hiding in the dark, sometimes appearing suddenly, making it difficult for players to predict and escape from the hunt of this monster. A slight negligence is enough for the player to be targeted by it and terminate the game immediately.

However, Mommy Log Legs are not the only threat players face. Many other enemies are waiting. All are abandoned toys in this ruined factory. These demons hold a grudge against humans and will not hesitate to kill anyone who dares to enter their domain. So your battle for survival will bring dramatic, breathtaking moments where every minute and second is essential.

Realistic incarnation with the character in the first person

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod retains the first-person perspective and provides straightforward controls. You will have two hands that can stretch flexibly, and they can grasp different items. Blue and blue arrows will help you open doors, exits, and explore various areas in the game. Although the game does not have a tutorial for new players, once you enter the game, you will quickly understand the mechanics and easily get on board.

Vivid 3D graphics with ghostly tones

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile APK is designed on sharp 3D graphics, creating a ghostly and gloomy space for players. The dominant black tone enhances the creepy feeling and makes a mysterious room. The game’s sound system and the effects that simulate the sound of old machinery and the scary cries of the evil dolls create a frightening horror atmosphere. These sounds increase the game’s drama, stimulate curiosity, and uncover the mystery of this abandoned factory.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD version features MOD APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Menu
  • Unlock full for free

So ApkPixel has shared with you how to download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mobile Mod on your phone. Surely you will be thrilled with each thrilling beat and have a sense of satisfaction when playing that game!

Reviews from users

Robert Maynes: There’s a lot more in this one. I love the quality of everything. The fog is laggy. Worth five stars! I enjoyed playing it. I can’t list everything I liked but a fun and quality game. I did have to adjust my brightness to see. There is a brightness setting in case you can’t see much. A few more bugs I ran into you can’t pause the game, or it crashes. You can’t get passed water treatment. Sometimes you fall after going through doors because it’s not loaded.

Kolton Pyle: Amazing. So much more from the 1st chapter. Thank you, Mob Entertainment, for the mobile port! Anyways, at the start of the game, you feel.. isolated.. in a way, especially with Poppy’s case wide open with her nowhere to be found. And then you see her in the stone box! (Not a stone box, something like a maintenance room.) You follow her through the factory then she gets kidnapped by Mommy. I’m close to the character, so I can’t say anymore. 5 STAR GAME. It hit the bullseye.

Lisa Driggs: Wow, this game is so good! The graphics are lovely, and I like how in chapter 2 when you use your grab pack and shoot out the hand, it makes an echo. Thank you. The only problem is that when you have the game paused for a long time, it’ll just kick me out of the game, so if you can fix that, then great!

Ginger Skipper: A good game. I liked it. It doesn’t matter to me. If there is no light, it’s scarier. My favorite part is musical memory. Musical memory is easy and challenging at the same time. It’s easy because I can remember the colors, and it’s hard because the bunny is coming down, and the drums and beating are scaring me.

Daniel Gurr: I haven’t downloaded the game yet, but if the things about the mommy’s long legs hide and seek are true, this review will go down to 4 stars. Edit: I refunded it because it kicked me out of the game for no reason. Edit: I now have no idea what the mommy’s long legs hide and seek thing is. Edit: I have found a way to skip wack-a-muggy and statues and the whole chase scene. Please don’t patch this MOB Games.

PhazZt Crow: I can tell that the game is still under development, which I understand why, and it is fantastic so far. However, I wish you could play with an Xbox/PlayStation Controller. It would make the game a bit better for me. I have made it to the water treatment part and fell out of the map, which is still under development, I’m guessing. Keep up the great work.

WhisperPlayzisBACK!!: I’ve been wanting to play chapter 2 for so long. I just beat it. I have it on my computer and couldn’t beat it because of how horrible my laptop is. Thanks for adding this to mobile. Also, for 2023, when chapter 3 comes out, maybe add the port to mobile before releasing the game to everyone. Just so mobile players can play when it comes out too. Thanks again. I enjoyed it!!

Mohammod Morsalin: Bit frustrating for the puzzles. I eventually completed all of the mysteries and met two and a half games. I struggled a little with the pj pug-A-pillar chase because it was laggy; the entire game so far was laggy except for the wack-a-muggy minigame, and I was struggling to hit the off button on musical memory. Still, other than all that, I like it.

Alinka Gossen: I love this game; it is very well thought out and has such a moral; the storyline is so good. For me, this game barely lags, but for others, it does; it does not involve the internet or data, and is worth your money, thanks to mob games.

Ur_mom: I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!! I only want to say that I was having difficulty grabbing things. The claw wouldn’t move in the Bron room when I tried to drag it. It only moved slightly when I let go, so it took me over 30 minutes to finally get the claw to the Bron statue.