Necropolis: Story of Lich (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Arclite Systems
Oct 30, 2023
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Necropolis: Story of Lich MOD Unlimited Money brings players to epic battles. You can control mythical warriors like MMedusa or Beholder to fight enemies on the battlefield. The strategic battles between heroes and the magical elements that this game brings will make you feel excited.

Introducing Necropolis: Story of Lich APK

Mythical warriors will be strongly reborn in Necropolis: Story of Lich, an attractive strategy game from publisher Arclite Systems. In this game, players will be transformed into the Lich King, a legendary magician capable of summoning armies of the dead. Therefore, magic will be the main factor that makes the player’s experience more enjoyable.

Your mission is to summon an invincible army of the undead to defeat all enemies on the battlefield. At this time, mythical heroes will listen to you and be ready to rush onto the battlefield if they receive orders. Besides, the appearance of mythical creatures will also help you have more quality choices. Download Necropolis: Story of Lich via Google Play to explore now.

Necropolis: Story of Lich MOD – Strategy game inspired by mythical warriors

Highly tactical turn-based battles will be the main content in the game Necropolis: Story of Lich. Accordingly, you will assemble a group of elite heroes to fight the enemy through a hexagonal battlefield. All warriors on both sides will be placed in a certain hexagon.

With your leadership talent, you will command them to move and fight most reasonably in each battle to win. Remember that each hero will have a different attack range and the ability to create different combos. Therefore, you need to learn carefully to use your strength on the battlefield.

Explore exciting game modes

Initially, players can start conquering exciting challenges in the PVP Strategy Arena. You can create your squad of heroes, apply skillful team strategies, and face opponents worldwide. This is the right time to show off your leadership talent, rise to the top, and enjoy the joy of victory in your way.

But that’s not all; Necropolis: Story of Lich also gives players many different playing styles to try. Typically, you can try your hand at Devil’s Tower, where your evil empire will grow and perfect through each challenge and mission. Or conquer the Magic Arena by fighting powerful enemies and continue to explore the mysterious underground kingdom. In this game, you also have to face legendary forces such as black dragons, Minotaurs, etc.

Over 50 legendary heroes to choose from

Optimize your squad selection by choosing the best heroes from over 50 available legendary heroes. Choose a hero that suits your play style, from the fearsome power of Medusa with eyes that can petrify enemies to the mysterious charm of the Beholder. Besides, players can also maximize each hero’s potential by upgrading their stats and fighting abilities. The challenge for you is not only to find the most substantial characters but also to create the perfect combination between these characters.

Complete weekly events to receive rewards

The exciting weekly events in Necropolis: Story of Lich make this game more enjoyable than ever. These events create gameplay diversity and are an opportunity for you to receive many valuable prizes.

Rare treasures and beneficial ingredients are always waiting for you to discover in this game. Therefore, you can use this excellent opportunity to strengthen your team of heroes and further explore the game. Every week, every new event brings you more exciting experiences and unexpected rewards.

2D graphics successfully depict the mythical world

Necropolis: Story of Lich MENU MOD opens a majestic world to players with many different locations. Each location is associated with unknown secrets. Through intense battles, players can discover the ultimate truth and find a worthy reward. In addition to intuitive turn-based fighting, this game also shows very well the combat effects as well as the creation of mythical characters.

MOD version of Necropolis: Story of Lich APK

  • Unlimited Money

Are you ready to meet legendary heroes in epic RPG battles that Necropolis: Story of Lich MOD APK brings? Join the game to explore the vast magical world with exciting content. If you want to defeat all your enemies easily, you can consider downloading the MOD version of this game on our website.