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Jun 12, 2014
Nov 21, 2023
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Monster Legends MOD is an exciting, stylish tactical squad-building simulation game on Android phones developed by Social Point. Similar to Dragon City, the famous game of the same company, we will experience lovely and funny monster creatures instead of dragons in Monster Legends. Let’s explore one of the most attractive free Android games with

General introduction to the game Monster Legends Mod

Monster Legends is a game similar to Dragon City but more attractive and attractive to many game lovers. In this game, the player’s main task is to build a house, raise it and participate in the battle with monsters with other players.

Each monster in the game has unique stats and skills, so you need to build the right strategy to win in PvP matches. In particular, demons can generate gold, one of the essential resources to help you buy building materials or upgrade monsters to improve combat power.

What’s attractive about Monster Legends Mod APK?

Currently, Monster Legends Mod has attracted the love of many players around the globe and has been developed on both platforms, including iOS and Android. So what is the game waiting for you?

Monster Training

When entering the world of Monster Legends Mod, players will be immersed in a world full of strange creatures. They will have support from Pandaft – a panda image appears on the left side of the screen. Pandaft will provide helpful tips for players, helping them to level up quickly and easily if followed.

Players will own a beautiful paradise island where various monsters exist: funny, cute, adorable, ferocious, and good at fighting. The player’s task is to nurture and upgrade monsters. They need to use them to explore and expand new areas of their island.

In addition, the player is also responsible for unlocking and building structures such as breeding plants, libraries, laboratories, etc. To complete these tasks, gamers must set clear and specific goals. They must train and lead the monsters they create, participate in matches, become great coaches, and win in all areas.

Diverse monster system

In Monster Legends, the monster system is divided into different types. Players can acquire them through the breeding process. In addition, players can also buy eggs from the store and hatch to obtain new kinds of monsters.

Each monster in the game has its attribute system. Based on this attribute system, they can interact, counter or inhibit each other in battle. Therefore, before starting a fight, players must learn about the enemy team’s attribute system to build a suitable squad and strategy.

In addition, each monster also has its stats, such as strength, health, speed, and mana. They also possess some unique skills. A beast can use up to 4 skills in a match when it matures. Players can upgrade monsters and use items to increase their power.

Four different game modes

In Monster Legends, hack gems 99999; there are the following game modes:

Passage Mode: the primary game mode and is opened from the beginning. With over 400 levels and regular updates, each story in this mode offers an exciting island adventure. Players will experience different experiences on each island, often including battles with monsters that live there.

Multiplayer mode: multiplayer game mode. Like the ranking method in other games, when you win, you will receive a score that helps you increase your ranking level on the leaderboard.
Live Duels mode: this mode only unlocks when you reach level 20. In this mode, the system will provide you with three squad options, and you have to choose one of them to participate in the matches. Play directly with other players.

Dungeons mode: this mode will be unlocked after you pass level 10 in the Dungeon mode. In Dungeons mode, players will face unique challenges and more brutal matches to earn valuable rewards.

Excellent graphics and sound

Graphics in Monster Legends Mod use bright and lovely colors. The monsters are designed to be funny and very cute. Each beast has its personality and attributes, creating variety and fun. The island paradise that the player owns is beautifully designed, colorful, and charming. With the main island and surrounding islets, the game gives players the feeling of being lost in a beautiful world.

The background music in the game has a lyrical, gentle atmosphere and creates a feeling of relaxation. However, when the battle begins, the music becomes dramatic and suspenseful. Sound effects when players interact in the game have been taken care of, increasing the attraction and appeal of the game.

What’s in the Monster Legends Mod APK version?

  • Monster Legends Mod menu
  • Immortal
  • Damage
  • Quick win
  • Always win three stars

Monster Legends MOD APK  brings unique and new gameplay compared to other strategy games. You can choose the opponent to endorse the most suitable skills, creating exciting and exciting matches according to your wishes. The hybrid element also allows players to own different types of monsters easily. Let’s download and experience it now!

Reviews from users

Ezechiel Dovale: Entertaining game; initially, it feels hectic since a lot is happening. But you get used to it. Also, please sort your monsters based on their attack type: Single target, AOE, Buff. So it would make it easier to find which of my monsters make AOE attacks. On top of that, please read what your attacks do when choosing your monsters for battle.

Laura Guse: Vary Good game; it’s like dragon city, but if they sat in the back of the bus. I think I found a thing that knows one ever documented, so if you have one enemy left and they finish off your team, but if that enemy dies from curse right after you win. Which is cool, I guess. This is not broken, so I think it’s not bad enough to worry about and remove it. It doesn’t break the game, it’s probably somewhat hard to do, but this is the first time this happened, and I don’t care about doing it again.

Prince Brown: This game is honestly amazing. It has unique monsters with unique storylines along with unique content, and all of it, to me, is simply perfect; sometimes I stop to look at a monsters design and story; the ads can mess up the feel, but for new players using ads to speed things up is a good design and it’s not too hard or too easy to get a Legendary Monster which I just love, in all this game is what most collecting games wish to be.

Kian Guevarra: I like this game, but for some reason, I’ve experienced some bugs in my game. One of my fire habitats disappeared when I opened it on another day. Even though the shop shows that the fire habitat I built is 4/4, I currently only have 3. Home, you can fix it soon. Thank you.

Amber Denise: I love the game. Many people complain about the ads that pop up, but if you spend $1.99, they stop. I was upset when they put me in a test group with no ads. I couldn’t watch to speed things up, no monster Wood, no ads at all, but after reading reviews and all the complaints about ads, I guess it makes sense. I’m glad to have Monsterwood and optional ads back. I have made it very far, spending only $5 once and participating in events and challenges.

Isaac Roberts: I cannot get enough of this game. I installed it last week, and I already almost have 30 monsters! There are many things to do, like breeding for new monsters, battling with real players or in adventure mode, dungeons, and much more! I would recommend it. It might be my new favorite mobile game! 5 stars.

Expired Zone: The bThe best game you can ever play (even though I get annoyed sometimes). You can get FREE GEMS by installing the games they offer you, and if you work hard, you can get up to 2000 Gems. The monsters are excellent, but I recommend not getting too many legendary monsters if you’re a beginner.

Felicia Wertheimer: It’s pretty fun… I played it a while back, but I don’t think I understood it then. But I am getting it a lot better this time! I’m not sure if the developers did anything different to it, but I can play it better and get how to play it and obtain further faster this time, making me want to play it longer. It’s pretty cool. The monsters on here are too cute as babies, lol.

Cody Raysbrook: Great game had it for years. Some people have been saying the Internet is laggy trying to load it. Your phone/Internet that happened to me for a while thought the same; the Internet got upgraded and works fine now, and if you get stuck with being too low of a level, you can do stuff. It just takes time. I was stuck on a story for ages, but then I managed to get a new monster, kept doing resource dungeons, got him up to level 100, won an adventure map, and kept advancing from there. We need to add more levels.

Thomas: It’s fantastic; the designs of the monsters are so cool. The only thing I would change is if you could make the game a little faster because it takes a little time to load when I log in, but it is fantastic.