Locus Map 3 Pro (MOD, Paid/Patched)

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Mar 15, 2011
Apr 12, 2024
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Locus Map Pro MOD APK is an optimized navigation tool that will help all users find the best routes. Directions from this app allow you to easily travel long distances without getting lost.

Introduction to Locus Map Pro

Locus Map Pro is an optimized navigation tool for all mobile devices. Sometimes,, in the hustle of life, we encounter funny situations, and missing is one of them. Disorientation will cause us to lose our calm and our ability to identify and solve personal problems. Therefore, using an optimized navigation application such as Locus Map Pro is a must.

This app is especially suitable for users who need to move frequently or even explore activities in different locations. Whenever you need it, this app will act as an ideal companion to guide you. With over 100 thousand installs on Google Play and 4.7 out of 5 absolute user ratings,. I’m sure this product comes from this Asamm Software publisher, and you won’t miss it.

Online and offline support

Unlike similar map applications, the Locus Map Pro locator allows users to use it both online and offline. This is ideal for users who don’t have a regular internet connection for their devices but still want an efficient migration route. Besides, you don’t have to hold your mobile device all the time; instead, plug your headphones into the device to explore everything on the road right away.

Now you can easily choose a basic or advanced map according to your criteria through Locus Map Pro. Includes standard geographical maps, map coatings, etc. Besides, you can also edit and note things on the go, right on the screen, to make it easier to track things. Generally speaking, pointing a line by voice or observing a map will lead the player to the shortest and safest path between any two points. All you have to do is enter the departure and destination locations on the usage screen.

Reliable Map Folder

Basically, Locus Map Pro will not automatically update maps in a blurred manner. All the data in the application is extracted from trusted sources around the world. Typical track maps are LoMaps, Kompass, Accuterra, SwissTopo, CNIG, SHOCart, link structure and satellite IGN, SQLite, TAR, MBT, etc. Accordingly, these data sources represent different countries around the world. So, wherever you are, they can view the map through this app without much trouble.

Charts and statistics of sports activities

As mentioned above, Locus Map Pro has the ability to interact directly with sports enthusiasts. The sports activity tracker, such as running, climbing, cycling, etc., will help you keep track of your performance after each workout. Basically, this app will provide users with parameters in the form of graphs, statistics, and external sensor support for higher accuracy. From there, users can sort or retrieve training data whenever they want

Weather Forecast Support

Weather has always been one of the most unavoidable problems for people who regularly practice outdoor sports. Recognizing the urgency of the weather, Locus Map Pro integrates weather forecasting and tracking into your hiking trips. Most of the parameters displayed on the screen are very detailed. They’re enough for you to anticipate the risks associated with the weather in your area.

Customizable interface

In addition to the above features, Locus Map Pro offers users an intuitive, modern interface with special features. Here, users can easily use the features available on the screen through the available icons. Besides, this app stands out for its high customizability in the process of use. More specifically, users can make changes at their own discretion in a number of different circumstances. Typically, the functions, the dashboard, the main menu, the display, etc. This will give you a lot of utility when you use it.

What’s the Locus Map Pro MOD APK version?

  • MOD Paid Feature

As the name suggests, Locus Map Pro MOD APK provides users with truly perfect features to suit a wide range of needs. This app not only supports users viewing maps but also supports weather viewing, tracking exercise schedules, compatibility with a variety of sensors, etc.