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Jackal Squad MOD APK is diverse in combat context and has many unique new features. How fierce was World War II? You can feel a part of it in the game that OneSoft Global PTE developed. When the fascists sent troops massively to attack the Allies, tension was pushed to a climax. A series of consecutive battles with guns, smoke, and death appeared exceptionally clearly. Joining Jackal Squad MOD, you will be a soldier on an arduous and challenging mission to rescue prisoners.

Download Jackal Squad mod – The fierceness of world war

OneSoft Global PTE has recreated World War II in a game called Jackal Squad. War, bloodshed, loss, and sacrifice. All are built realistically in this fighting game. Fighting as a soldier, your mission is to become a driver, fight with a Jeep, and rescue prisoners of war.

Attack the enemy with a Jeep

The shooting combat game developed in a classic direction received support from many players. Many features make players nostalgic for old games while experiencing Jackal Squad. You will feel the drama and fierceness when you become a person in the battle. Control the jeep, enter the enemy area, and perform powerful shots to complete the mission.

This battlefield is not yours alone. Therefore, you must coordinate with other teammates to create a favorable position for your side. Defeat the enemy army and regain control of the area the enemy is occupying. The success or failure of the battle depends on your fighting ability. Together with teammates, step by step, set foot in the area where the enemy is stationed. The enemy side also prepared and arranged attack positions. Therefore, it is no surprise that enemies appear everywhere on the map.

As soon as you enter the enemy area, carefully observe the terrain. Quickly analyzing the situation will help you find an effective way to deal with it. With enemies nearby, aim and shoot and destroy them decisively. If the enemy force is too large, divide it into small groups to act. Fight quickly and decisively, gain advantage, and take over the territory and areas where the enemy is defending.

Fight and rescue prisoners of war.

Joining Jackal Squad, you will wear a soldier’s uniform, carrying in your blood the fighting blood of a hero. In the context that the game is built in, you need to do two tasks well simultaneously. That is to destroy the enemy and rescue teammates the enemy has captured as prisoners of war. Enter the enemy, break the siege, and save your teammates. To do this, your skills and tactics are of utmost importance.

If you want to complete all tasks well, add new skills. Along with that is training and training warriors to fight side by side. You are the main character in this war. So there is no room for mistakes. Victory can only be achieved when the leader has the ability, flexibility, and vision.

Upgrade combat weapons

Your army will travel by jeep and carry guns into battle. According to the rules, the next level is more complex than the previous level; you must upgrade everything to continue the game ultimately. Over time, jeeps need to be repaired and upgraded. The vehicle’s front must be equipped with additional warheads and necessary equipment. In addition, guns and weapons also need to be upgraded to increase the fighting ability of the entire army.

There are many models of jeeps and guns for you to invest in. After each battle, you will have more money to increase your fighting power. If you want to quickly upgrade vehicles and weapons without worrying about the required amount, you can experience the Jackal Squad MOD APK version that MODPURE provides.

Jackal Squad MOD APK version

  • Unlimited money and resources
  • High dame
  • Immortal
  • Menu Mod

Move forward, fight for the country, expel the enemy, rescue prisoners, and reclaim territory. Those are the things you will experience when playing Jackal Squad. You will get even more great things when you become a soldier driving a jeep and holding a gun in the enemy area. Download Jackal Squad MOD APK to your device and play now!