Internet Cafe Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Aug 6, 2023
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Internet Cafe Simulator MOD gives you an exciting experience when you become a restaurant owner, a beautiful internet cafe simulation game like never before. You will experience every job, from cleaning tables and chairs, repairing computers and caring for customers. Attract as many customers as possible, and use the money you earn to upgrade your shop to improve. Let’s explore this exciting game with ApkPixel to see if it’s attractive.

Introduction to Internet Cafe Simulator

If you are a gamer or someone who often plugs in, you must have dreamed of owning your internet shop, where you can comfortably arrange tables, chairs, and equipment to provide accompanying services. Internet Cafe Simulator mod full money and gives you an incredibly authentic experience. Complete quests to earn lots of money, upgrade your rig and attract more customers. Besides, you can discover countless exciting adventures and features in Internet Cafe Simulator.

Start building your salon.

Start your journey to build your net shop in Internet Cafe Simulator MOD. The first job you must do is to choose a location to open the salon. Your initial amount is not too large, so you must select a suitable space. Not only need a beautiful place, but you also need to pay attention to facilities and services such as electricity and water. This is an important job, and it is not easy at all, a first challenge that you must overcome.

After you have chosen a suitable space, the next thing you need to do is buy a new PC. You must also carefully select the best eyes at an affordable price. Then proceed to purchase more furniture, fire extinguishers, and deodorant sprays… Arrange everything scientifically and neatly, install computers, and start welcoming the first customers.

Real experiences

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD gives you the most authentic experience of the job of a net cafe manager. It would be best to do everything from set, ting up, and repairing your PC to cleaning.

However, you will encounter many business problems, such as customer cheating. You even face fights in the bar, aggressive thugs, or terrorist bombings.

By solving every problem and satisfying your customers, your business will thrive. Use the money earned to upgrade and expand more utility services for the shop. Improving the quality and scale of the net cafe will make your shop more and more prosperous and famous, from which the money earned will also increase.

Real challenges

Although it has operated stably and has a revenue, your shop in Internet Cafe Simulator MOD is still at risk of going bankrupt at any time. You must consider hiring a guard or an assassin to ensure the shop’s security. This will help prevent and minimize the damage caused by terrorists. Neglecting safety can cause your property to be destroyed, your business complex, and the risk of bankruptcy.

You also need to manage your money and assets most reasonably. For your shop to operate stably, many expenses need to be spent. Check the money earned for the day, plan shopping, and upgrade the shop. There are always constant risks, such as smelly rooms, overloaded machines, or burnt wires. You must be very flexible to be able to handle any situation, thereby helping the net cafe to operate stably.

Expand more services

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD full money allows you to open more services that come with the restaurant easily. Services such as catering, coffee, … will help the restaurant’s revenue increase significantly. And when the size of the restaurant becomes large, you need to declare more servers or chefs. You can also upgrade more services like PS4 or play virtual reality games. Expanding services according to customer needs will help your shop grow and get rich quickly.

Realistic graphics

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD is a highly realistic and impressive Internet Cafe simulation game. With sharp 3D graphics, realistically designed scenes and situations help you have memorable experiences. Small details such as the chassis and keyboard are also meticulously detailed. A net shop owner experience could not be more authentic, which will help you satisfy your passion.

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD APK version features

  • Unlimited money mod

Internet Cafe Simulator MOD Apk Unlimited Money gives you an incredibly realistic net shop owner simulation experience. You can satisfy your passion and understand more about the difficulties of real-life net shop managers. Together download and experience the unique feeling in the game Internet Cafe Simulator.

Reviews from users

MS KILLER YT: This game is very, very good. But some problems and glitches. 1) if it is possible to increase graphics? Please do it. 2)glich= when I unlock 2nd big room. The free table is there. Whenever I open my game, the table is not changing place. 3)glich= please add cleaning machine. 4)BIG PROBLEM = When I put t gaming pc in front of them, the customers shook the computers.

Dominico Maribao: It’s a fun game, but it laking some animation, and I hate that I can kill NPCs with one hit. I like it if the game developers add weapon shops and mechanics. I like the game a lot. I want to reach the text limit so that I will type some random stuff in there, and then I’ll get to the office tomorrow morning. I will be there at the same time in a week or two, a good time with power, and I will be home game, and then we are doing a little bit ago, but it is a little bit ago. I did it.

Eleyson Febiyen: One of the most excellent simulation game on PC, but I don’t think it is going to go viral on Android; I believe it will if you upgrade the graphic a little bit, the gameplay is excellent, and the graphic is the only thing that is bad in this game, and please remove the club, if you can, make it a little bit family-friendly.

Nessele Miranda: I just downloaded it, and, really, REALLY wanna play, but… I couldn’t get in… I Love the game interview from yt. Please make more like this five stars. Anyways looks excellent! I like it because it has no levels and no specific instructions. Step by step, also please make two versions on pc or laptop since I couldn’t find it on laptop or pc, and the second is mobile, and both have the stuff that others want, such as janitors, own house, servers, specific security, and things like that Love it anyways.

LooKyz: Nearly identical to pc! Good job, but please add a graphic setting, fix the controller sensitivity to slow on Android when swiping, and the final fix text on the game dilbit hard to see the text in pc monitor. Thanks for making this game happen on Android developer.

Harsha Patel: It’s a very excellent game that makes me too happy I always play it every day. It is my favorite game. There is an internet cafe, rent house, and a pub, and customers in a restaurant can order from Amazon on the computer. In the cafeteria, we get it; we can replace it and earn money to eat something. In my way, this game is super. I like this game named internet cafe simulator.