Idle Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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Oct 8, 2023
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Idle Heroes MOD is a game with a war theme between heroes and monsters—an authentic and attractive combat role-playing game millions of gamers love. Join the fierce battles to reclaim freedom for the beautiful forest. Let’s download with ApkPixel and experience stunning battles and missions in Idle Heroes.

Introduction to the game Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes MOD is the fighting action role-playing gatitleles with attractive gameplay and rich missions. The game’s plot revolves around life in a beautiful and peaceful forest called Sarah. Life here is amiable; people and animals in the forest live together peacefully. However, a storm arose when the monsters appeared. They attack and destroy and even kill every living thing in the woods. Unable to stand by and wait to die, the warriors in the forest stood up, fought to destroy the monsters, and returned peace to the forest.

Fight with monsters

The monsters in Idle Heroes MOD are mighty and cruel. To destroy them, the warriors need to work together to fight. Each team in MOD Idle Heroes will include five light heroes. Your job is to arrange so that the heroes maximize their strength; a good squad will create incredible power. Research and come up with reasonable strategies to win against evil monsters.

There is no other way to fight and destroy the monsters; only when they are annihilated will peace return to the forest. Monsters have tremendous power, and defeating them is not easy at all. You and the opponent will take turns to fight in turn, fight until the entire army of the other side is destroyed, and the battle is over.

Join the Gacha wheel and unlock the hero.

Diamond Idle Heroes MOD has a lot of heroes with different powers and skills for you to add to your battle squad. To own the generals in Idle Heroes MOD, you need to spin the Gacha wheel. There are three types of Gacha: regular, advanced, and friendship. Join the rotation to recruit a new warrior with new skills and powers. With three kinds of ganache, you will have the opportunity to receive generals with a star number from 1 to 5 stars. And, of course, the higher the number of stars, the greater the strength of that general.

Hero upgrade

In addition to receiving 5-star generals through the rotation, you can use the upgrade feature to maximize the heroes’ power. Your fighting ability is upgraded to the maximum, so the victory rate in each match also increases. With each different star color, it means that the champion you own has extra strengths. For example, orange stars will have a higher level than purple stars… To upgrade, you need resources collected from quests and battles. However, with the unlimited money version of Idle Heroes MOD, you can upgrade for free.

Characters and Weapons

Idle Heroes MOD provides players over 200 characters, so you can freely choose and create your battle lineup. Characters with different skills and strengths need to learn carefully to make the most of their powers. The heroes in Idle Heroes are divided into six systems, each with strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to build the optimal squad, helping the generals to complement each other’s skills.

In addition to the character system, Idle Heroes also allows players to purchase equipment and weapons for the character. Weapons that strengthen and strengthen heroes to fight monsters. You can buy good weapons and equipment at the store or receive them by opening gift boxes. Just like heroes, equipment and weapons must be upgraded to become stronger.

Graphics and sound

Idle Heroes MOD is built on 3D graphics to give players a realistic and eye-catching experience. The interface is intelligently designed, and each match’s scene is meticulously elaborated. The beach match’s location is smooth, combined with the sitting sound to excite players extremely excited. Idle Heroes will provide a great experience, from graphics to sound.

Idle Heroes MOD APK version features

  • Unlimited money, gold
  • Unlock all
  • Unlock VIP
  • One Hit

Idle Heroes MOD APK has a good story and attractive gameplay with battles between heroes and monsters. Together as heroes, they fight to protect the peace of the forest. Surely Idle Heroes will immediately bring you beautiful entertainment, download, and experience.

Reviews from users

Matthew Leija: It’s a good game. The bugs you find within the play, the support, and contact with the creators are easy to fix and always lovely. Many ways to keep up the playing for those who do not pay to play. It’s a great game to play in the background and walk away from other apps or life. But there are ways to get stuck on the same level or the same redundancy without leveling up the heroes they give you. But they do give you lots of ways to win the heroes you want; you kind of have just to be patient.

Connor Davis: This game is excellent and very satisfying to play. I’ve ground this game for years and lost an account, but it’s still fun to start from nothing. The only thing I would change is not to lock the campaign levels based on player level because it takes forever to level up and only unlocks two groups at a time. I could easily beat dozens more classes if they were opened. Besides this one thing and overpriced microtransactions, it’s a great game.

Mason Black: This is an overall enjoyable experience. Playing efficiently takes less than an hour daily unless you’re on multiple servers. The only downside I can think of is that it is prolonged to progress without paying. It shouldn’t take over a year to get out of the “early game” as a free player. I’m not saying it needs to be absurdly fast and easy, just that the elite hero drop rates are meager, as is the higher-tier gear for the heroes. Push that decimal to the suitable one space.

Brad Harris: I don’t usually write reviews unless they’re good or bad. I have to say, after playing this game for an hour or 2… I am happy. The graphics are super cool, and the tutorial was quick and to the point. Easy to navigate screens. I can foresee some in-game purchases to progress quickly, but I am not drained of my free coins ;). It would be best if you were high level to have many open perks (pay to win? IDK yet?) So far, so good.

Dennis Johnson: It’s alright; they give you many ways to win currency to the point you never run out. There are multiple modes for rewards, and a campaign generates tons of gold and exp for you even when you aren’t playing. (That’s the idle part) There are a lot of p2w players in versus mode, but the good news is the game lets you pick your opponents, so it isn’t that bad. There are microtransactions, but again, you can avoid the players who buy that stuff. Overall, it’s a solid game and a fun time killer.

Ben Ethier: I’ve been playing this game for years. It’s just the right amount of fun and progression. I can quickly log in, wait in line for something irl and collect rewards, or spend hours adjusting stats, try different builds for my heroes, and test them against other content. They are continuously adding to the game, keeping it fresh!

Jenna Johansson: It’s pretty good, and it should be an idle game anyway. It’s a bit easier than other idle games, in my opinion. Also, the character designs are phenomenal! And it’s almost better than other idle games I’ve played. Overall pretty great game.