Hide Online (MOD, Menu/God mode/Unlimited ammo)

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Mar 19, 2018
Dec 8, 2023
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Hide Online Mod is a chase action game with many unexpected and attractive situations. With unique and novel gameplay, you can transform into any object in the room so as not to be discovered by anyone. Your team will be alternately hiding and finding, and sometimes you have to disguise not to be detected and sometimes use a gun to find and attack other players. It’s interesting. Let’s explore this exciting game with ApkPixel.

About the game Hide Online Mod

Hide Online Mod, since its launch, has received a large reception from the gaming community. The game has new gameplay and sharp 3D graphics that entertain players. By participating in the hide-and-seek and chase with other players, you will have a great experience. When he is nervous and holds his breath when being hunted by other players, sometimes he is courageous enough to search for those hiding.

Hide and find again

Hide Online Mod has gameplay quite similar to the game of hide and seek that no one did not know about in our childhood. You will be matched to a team of 4 and play against another group; the two teams will take turns hiding and finding. The game is relatively fast-paced when each level lasts only 3 minutes. You must find and destroy the hiding members during that time, and vice versa.

The interesting point in the Hide Online Mod that excites many players is that you can turn into any object to hide in the room. Because you belong to the props group, you can transform them into things like a table, chair, desktop, or toilet. However, you will risk being exposed after a while, so you need to change your position and transform flexibly. If you are not careful, the hunter team will immediately discover and destroy you; try to move and transform most reasonably.

That’s when you’re on the hiding side, but things will be completely different if you’re on the hunter side. You will own a gun and start your hunting journey. Any object in the room can be turned into another player hiding. You need to pay attention to detect even the slightest noise; nothing is inevitable, and everything depends on your experience. As soon as you see the slightest anomaly or an object move, check and destroy it.

Familiar levels

Hide Online MOD has simple gameplay, and the map is quite similar. The map in the game is manageable and easy to get used to, but sometimes it makes gamers feel secretive and bored. In the maps in Hide Online, only in a reasonably small space is an office, a bakery, or a particular house. This is also understandable because the game is fast-paced, with only 3 minutes for each screen. In the future, the developer will integrate more game modes with a larger map and longer playing time.

Simple gameplay is easy to get used to

As mentioned above, Hide Online Mod has straightforward gameplay and is easy to master. However, it would be best to have experience and the ability to sense changes and irregularities to win easily. The control keys and manipulations in the game are also highly intuitive; if you are new to the game, you will be guided in detail.

Fun graphics and sounds

The fun of Hide Online Mod comes from the gameplay and the graphics and sound that already excite you. The game is built on sharp and smooth 3D graphics, and characters and environments are created to be extremely fun. The violent elements in the game have been replaced with extremely friendly effects, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation when playing. Meanwhile, the sound also makes your experience much more dramatic and lively.

Hide Online Mod Apk version features

  • MOD Menu (no root required)
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • Immortal.
  • Shoot fast.
  • Speed ​​running.
  • Unlock all.
  • Batlle pass

Hide Online Mod gives you the fun gameplay of an action game to be noticed. This is an entertaining game with simple gameplay that is highly addictive; anyone can quickly get used to it. If you are looking for a fun game after hours of study and stressful work, Hide Online is one of the games that should be noticed. What are you waiting for without downloading and experiencing the MOD Hide Online version?

Reviews from users

Sahoo Sai Suman: I loved this game. The only problem is that you can’t get coins for free, and I don’t think I would spend any money on some fun even in the future. The gameplay is good—no lag, nothing—and ads also don’t disturb between games. I have been playing it for a long time, and only one new map has come, so I also think you should add more maps to make it enjoyable.

Ernesto B. Ilagan IV: The concept of the game is excellent. However, I suggest two adjustments: (1) The buttons are too small. I recommend making it adjustable for players’ convenience. (2) The game is simple and lacks excitement. I recommend having experience (exp) to boost excitement. For example, you reach level 10, unlock, and get something… Overall, the game was entertaining to play! Good job.

Stefan K: Very cool and fun game, easy and fast-going. But after every match, an ad pops up. I understand you don’t want to show an advertisement during a game, but it’s still very annoying. One thing I would also like you guys to change are the controls. Very demanding, and that makes it very hard to win as a hunter and a prop. Otherwise, I would recommend this game to people.

Christin Frunza: Overall, it’s an entertaining game. I find it annoying that you have to watch ads for powerups, which are so long. It would be best if you got awards based on your points, and the issue should reset after the round is over when it shows the MVP. Also, a letter code should be included in case your friends want to join. Plus, you should be able to invite a friend to the lobby. I would say the overall gameplay needs to be adjusted. For example, sho, eating, running, and jumping.

Meenakshi Sahu: Pretty amazing game. I highly recommend it. But some issues need to be fixed, like the fact that we cannot customize the control layout. When I try to shoot a prop, sometimes by mistake, I throw a grenade because shooting and grenade buttons are pretty close, so we should be able to customize the control layout and joystick size. Second, I should be able to choose which map I want to play on; whenever I start a game, I randomly get joined on any map, which should also be added to the game.

Ruu: It’s a great game. Being either the hunter or the hunted is fun. A tip for those who claimed to have problems changing into other props: Drag the little circle in the middle of your screen to the support you want to change. Then, press the cup button. I figured this out recently, which has made my gameplay more fun.