Hidden Folks (MOD, Full Game)

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Adriaan de Jongh
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Dec 14, 2017
Mar 16, 2023
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Hidden Folks MOD APK is a game to find hidden objects on the screen with high difficulty compared to products of the same genre. In the game, you need to stay focused if you want to find the necessary items in each game. It comes with incredibly simple graphics, small objects, and many other elements.

Introduction to Hidden Folks

As the name suggests, Hidden Folks brings the challenge of finding hidden objects on the screen with increasing difficulty. The way this game works won’t be so different from other products. However, the graphics are developed in the classic black-and-white style. This really makes the product from publisher Adriaan de Jongh more attractive than ever.

Although everything on the screen may seem very simple, to win, you have to go through a lot of tough games. Currently, you can download Hidden Folks through Google Play or the App Store, starting at $5 per download. If you want to save on this, you can download the game through the APK link provided below the article.

Hidden Folks is a Object game with extreme difficulty

The background in this game is a simple hand drawing, along with the appearance of two main colors, black and white. It’s the black-and-white hand paintings that make this game more difficult than usual.

There’s a lot of hidden details, even though they’re encased in other details in the painting. So it’s no surprise that you have to search all over the tents, bushes, doors, etc. As of now, Hidden Folks has more than 32 artwork wallpapers available. This number will continue to rise in subsequent updates.

Search for items on request

It can be seen that Hidden Folks’ gameplay at the moment is not new. In the game, your mission is simply to find the required items in the system to move on to the next level. What’s special is that the game’s contexts are quite large-scale. So you have to enlarge the image to make it easier to search.

Basically, every detail that appears on the screen has its own effect, so you can’t ignore any detail. Moreover, the sound system that emits from the details is also an important factor in helping you search for objects faster. It would be great if you switched on an external speaker or wore headphones during this game experience. In addition, the controls in the game are very simple. You just tap the appropriate icon on the screen to search for hidden objects.

High difficulty, lots of stuff to explore

If you’ve experienced any object-finding game before, you’ll quickly notice that the difficulty of Hidden Folks is entirely different. This game has incredibly full gameplay; even you have to keep high concentration to find the target you need. However, once you get used to it, you’ll quickly be fascinated by the details that appear on the screen.

Besides, the objects on the screen have the ability to respond when you touch them and play an interactive sound to give certain clues. Gradually, the scene in the game becomes bigger, and the difficulty increases constantly. Accordingly, the game has more than 300 targets to find and 500 different ways to interact on the screen. Overall, it will take you quite a while to explore the whole of Hidden Folks.

Pay attention to interactive sounds

The only support for Hidden Folks players is the interactive sounds that are played when touching the details on the screen. This is what makes this game different from the other games on the market. Accordingly, each action corresponds to the sound, making the game a lot more lively. There are over 2000 interactive sounds available in this game, waiting for you to explore.

Black and white graphics with simple design

Simple design is one of the highlights of the Hidden Folks experience. Furthermore, the game offers a series of interactive scenes and motion images that promise to give players an unforgettable experience. In addition to the black-and-white mode, this game also allows players the freedom to change to suit the needs of the experience. These include red-brown mode, night mode, and normal mode.

What’s the Hidden Folks MOD APK version?

  • MOD Feature: Unlock All

If you love hidden graphics on your screen, Hidden Folks MOD APK is a great choice. It can be seen that this game is no longer an ordinary puzzle game but also has an element of adventure that is skillfully embedded. Because each scene brings players different search locations, including jungles, cities, deserts, etc.