Glory Ages – Samurais (MOD, Unlimited money)

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Oct 8, 2018
Dec 5, 2023
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Glory Ages – Samurais MOD Unlimited Money is a fighting game that helps you become a true samurai. Offline battles with powerful enemies will make any player feel highly competitive when fighting. Fighting spirit is an indispensable element in this game. You must improve your fighting skills regularly.

Introducing Glory Ages – Samurais APK

Enjoy fierce battles between top samurai in Glory Ages – Samurais will excite you. This is an entirely new style of fighting action game from publisher NoTriple-A Games. Accordingly, each battle will occur in a different location so players can feel the tension inherent in each competition.

Your skills and fighting spirit need to be shown in this game if you want to defeat other opponents. At the same time, this game also presents the medieval Japanese setting exceptionally effectively on the screen, promising to bring you unforgettable experiences. Try downloading Glory Ages – Samurais through Google Play to participate in these exciting battles.

Glory Ages – Samurais MOD – Action game that brings players to the medieval samurai war

Glory Ages – Samurais takes players to the medieval period in Japan, where there were many samurai with superior fighting techniques. In this game, you will transform into a real samurai with the mission of fighting against enemies who want to threaten the peace of the land.

This game is not only about violent confrontations, but you also have to make the most of your sword skills to destroy enemies. At the same time, matches will challenge you with each level as enemies become increasingly more intelligent and unpredictable. With each victory, you will get closer to your ultimate goal of protecting your land from the threat of corrupt samurai.

Fight dangerous enemies

Basically, each player’s battle in Glory Ages – Samurais is highly competitive. Each encounter is a dramatic showdown between you and powerful enemies; accordingly, there will be three main types of opponents that you have to face in this game: everyday warriors, stealthy ninjas, and brutal bosses.

More specifically, all enemies are supported by an intelligent AI system, so defeating them is not easy. They can block, dodge, or counter your attacks, even surrounding you in dire situations. Furthermore, if one of their teammates is defeated by you, their morale will increase, making things more difficult.

Explore over 100 unique battles available

In the story mode of Glory Ages – Samurais, players will have to overcome more than 100 fierce battles. The challenge will increase with each level, making you more dangerous during combat. To win, you must rely on your fighting skills and observe your opponent’s movements. Thereby, you can coordinate attacks and dodge them accurately. In addition, accumulating rage will help you end the match quickly by simultaneously damaging many enemies.

Many heroes and weapons to choose from

Diversity in choosing fighting heroes is also an outstanding advantage of Glory Ages – Samurais. Initially, you will start your journey as a novice samurai. But with each defeated enemy and each new level that passes, you will gradually improve yourself and become a true martial arts master. Besides, this game also provides a rich arsenal of weapons for players to choose quickly. You can select from samurai swords to other unique weapons to take down enemies in your way.

Extremely realistic background design

As mentioned, the setting of medieval Japan will be perfectly recreated in Glory Ages – Samurais. Although it looks simple, the meticulous care creates an impressive experience space for players. Not only that, the game also makes players feel the change of time from dawn to dusk, from vibrant daytime to peaceful night.

In addition, Battle Platform MENU MOD is also set in many different scenes, from vast grasslands and smooth green reeds to dark and mysterious valleys. All of these factors will make you always feel new when fighting. Overall, this game offers ten unique locations, simulating the diverse weather conditions of medieval Japan waiting for you to explore.

MOD version of Glory Ages – Samurais APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Immortal
  • Delete Ads

It can be seen that the battle in Glory Ages – Samurais MOD APK not only requires courage but also requires sophistication and strategy to defeat all enemies. The journey to becoming a true samurai in the game will start with the most straightforward steps, so you need to be very patient.