Fishing and Life (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

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Apr 15, 2019
Nov 28, 2023
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Fishing and Life MOD takes you to a vast sea where you can satisfy your fishing hobby—a perfect game for relaxing and entertaining after stressful working and studying hours. Enjoy a peaceful life with ApkPixel, and experience the beautiful sea scenery in Fishing and Life.

About Fishing and Life MOD

Fishing and Life MOD gives players who love fishing an extraordinarily authentic and relaxing experience. You will sit on a small boat in the game and start sailing. Waiting for the fish to eat is an experience that requires perseverance but gives you a strangely relaxing feeling.

In the middle of the vast and quiet ocean, now you will hear the sound of the waves and especially the sound of the fish in the sea. Not limited in time and space, you can move anywhere and catch many different fish; it’s great.

As a fisherman with many years of fishing experience, you will be immersed in the beautiful, peaceful sea scenery. After each trip, you will bring back unique and rare fish. Pick up a fishing rod and become a professional angler; experience the fantastic feeling in Fishing and Life MOD unlimited money.

Explore the vast ocean.

The ocean carries a mysterious beauty and a vibrant and diverse ecosystem under the water. You will see schools of fish swimming around in the water. Now your job is to drop the bait and wait for them to fish. However, you are not the only hunter; sometimes, you will have to encounter sea monsters such as sharks or blue whales. You must avoid them if you don’t want to be in danger.

Besides experiencing the feeling of fishing, you can also see the beautiful sea picture frame of the red sunset. Watch schools of fish swim around in the water. Drop bait and catch big fish will be great experiences that Fishing and Life MOD brings you.

Experience the life of a fisherman.

Fishing and Life MOD gives you an experience of a real fisherman, sitting on a small boat and floating in the sea. You can control your ship to go anywhere you want. Stop at a suitable place, drop the bait, and wait; if you are lucky, you can catch big and rare fish.

Fishing and Life MOD does not place much emphasis on achievements and skills; a purely entertaining game. You can catch a little, or a lot of fish doesn’t matter. What is important is the exciting experience you have when experiencing fishing and exploring the sea. The gameplay of Fishing and Life is not too complicated; you can experience many different game modes. Experience a free and peaceful life of a fisherman at sea, catching fish and returning.

An effective stress reliever game

Fishing and Life MOD full money is very suitable for those who are stressed and want to find a gentle game to relieve stress. Without overthinking, immerse yourself in the open sea and catch a relaxing fishing experience. Immersing yourself in the game will help you temporarily forget the troubles and worries of life.

The sea scene also changes depending on the time of day, such as morning, afternoon, or night. You will feel the time passing peacefully, dropping the bait, thinking about everything, and then being startled when the fish bites. Not only has beautiful and poetic images, Fishing and Life MOD also has vivid sound, with the sound of waves murmuring extremely relaxing.

Fishing and Life MOD version features APK

  • Unlimited Money

Fishing and Life MOD APK is a game not to be missed if you want to experience a peaceful life. Especially for those who like to fish, Fishing and Life MOD is a game that cannot be ignored. What are you waiting for without downloading and experiencing this exciting game immediately?

Reviews from users

Patryk Biernat: This game is great. People say there are problems with ads, sure there may be ads, but it’s only when you open chests. This is an offline game, so if you disconnect your device from your wifi, you will no longer get ads. I hope this gives it some time; then, the ads will stop.

Radu Radu: Very relaxing experience. It isn’t crowded and fast-paced like other games, and I expected it to be because it’s relaxing. The music fits well and contributes significantly to the atmosphere, and the upgrades have reasonable prices.

Connor Forbes: Honestly a pretty relaxing game. I just started playing and haven’t been bombarded with ads or anything like that. The wide variety of fish is rather lovely, too, and a few maps. I would recommend this game.

Tom Nelson: What could be better, heavier weights, hiding the bait longer, increasing the below-level minnow, small fish as your bait levels up for better chances at bigger fish & better opportunities to get decorations for the aquarium, little to no talking from the fisherman, immediately open a chest when it’s tapped instead of having to open it & instantly deposit the coin instead of telling how much I got so I can open the next chest quicker or get back to fishing.

Joseph Finney: Top-tier mobile game. Doesn’t shove tons of ads or in-app purchases down your throat, and progression is possible yet not over easy. The game feels tested, and it tries to provide fun.

Tina Judge: Beautiful Game. I love the graphics; everything about it is magnificent. Different types of fish, endless possibilities. The game is very calming and not dull. I play it every day. 5 stars. Recommend.

Zenith Replays: It’s the best game I’ve ever played when relaxing. The music calms my mind; there’s no end to the fishes, and the events amplify the music’s effect on me. I find it confusing how there are PENGUINS in a lighthouse sea or A WHALE near the TOP of the lighthouse sea instead of near the bottom. *it’s been almost two weeks, just made it to the second area. I like how the music changed as well. Excellent attention to detail.

Dapper Musician: The other reviews look at it from a competitive standpoint. I don’t feel like that’s what this is; as the title and intro imply, it’s fishing and life as the cutscene shows, the guy getting away and unwinding. This game provides a good mix of relaxation and strategy. I’m sure there are quirks, but all games have this. But overall, with the art style, mechanics, and excellent choice of music, I feel this legitimately deserves the five stars I’m giving.

Mochajavascripter: I’m hard-pressed to find another game that captures my attention for as long as this one. With mobile games, I’m a heavy critic. I often install something, and it’s off my phone between ten minutes or a day later; this game has a repetitive but addictive idea, making it enjoyable. Its setting and music also add to the theme well. Good job.

Alexis Owens: Amazing and pretty game! I usually get frustrated playing most fishing games because they either make it EXTREMELY difficult or it’s just littered with ads. I decided to pay for no ads because it’s a beautiful game, and I’d love to see more. More than happy to support you. Relaxing and not overwhelming at all. I like the mechanics and the leveling-up process. Simple and easy to keep track of. I can’t wait to see where it goes.