FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS (MOD, Damage/Defense Multiplier)

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Nov 13, 2023
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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius MOD APK (Menu, Damage) is a role-playing game that brings a familiar feeling like the previous popular Final Fantasy game series. It makes its mark with beautiful images, and the game has extremely attractive settings and missions. The Middle Ages are realistically portrayed with a magical magic system. Join the battle in the game with the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mod version shared by ApkPixel, which will help you pass the level quickly.

Introducing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This game, released by Square Enix Co.Ltd, when it was first released, became a hot topic discussed by many gamers. The game brings a familiar feeling but has many new features rare in role-playing games of the same genre.

The player’s skill, intelligence, and flexibility in operations are essential to pass the level. A strong squad has strong warriors combined with deploying the best strategy. This turn-based match will let you experience the feeling of breathtaking confrontation and show your true bravery.

The battle to find crystals is full of challenges

Throughout Final Fantasy, Brave Exvius’s unlimited money mod is the journey to find the legendary crystals of the two heroes, Rein and Lasswell. Both are promising teenage heroes of the ancient kingdom of Gran Shelt. Working side by side since their childhood days, Rein and Lasswell both possess impressive fighting abilities.

During a patrol, they discovered a mystery inside a strange star. That’s a girl from another planet named Fina. Fina’s hometown is Crystal. This time, when she comes to Earth, Fina’s mission is to find the sacred temple. The most crucial thing all three characters are looking for is a crystal with the meaning of protecting the safety and peace of all creatures on Earth.

This crystal is in the sights of the dark force Velius. They seek to destroy the crystal to destroy the world. Knowing the story from Fina, two knights of the Gran Shelt kingdom accompanied her on her journey to find crystals and kill monsters. During this process, all three will encounter many mysterious dark creatures. A team of 3 must overcome this problematic level to find the crystal.

Character system

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius not only revolves around three plot characters but also has the appearance of many other faces. Everything will gradually open up as you complete missions and unlock new levels. The main characters will travel through many lands together, fighting many monsters. Coming to each location, you will meet a new character. These people can become teammates, fighting side by side with you for the survival of humanity.

Each new character brings a pleasant surprise. Not only in appearance, but they also have impressive skills. For example, Lindo can make flying boats, Ja, Ke has good leadership abilities, etc. The warrior squad must gather many heroes to fight together and find the mysterious crystal.

Rich missions

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius damage is excellent in that there is depth and creativity, whether it is the plot, characters, or missions. For assignments, you will gradually discover the exciting challenges that the game creates. For each location, there will be tasks with specific requirements.

The series of tasks seem unrelated but are logical to each other. It’s all about fighting Velius’s monsters and finding ancient crystals. With each win, you will gain experience and receive a worthy bonus. Along with that, with the things you collect, you can sell them for money to buy new equipment. These are meant to upgrade your strength to overcome the more difficult challenges the game creates.

Familiar faces in Final Fantasy

Another interesting point of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is rebuilding the character line with familiar faces in the Final Fantasy universe. In the game, you will go through each stage and meet the main characters in the parts of this legendary game series. In the game, all are just “cameo” characters, appearing briefly. However, that is enough to make Final Fantasy fans feel satisfied.

MOD version of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius APK

  • Menu
  • Damage
  • Unlimited Money

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius unlimited money mod or not, you can play the character yourself and complete the game’s missions. There are many new things worth investing your time in this game. Download the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mod app to unlock and conquer the most difficult levels in the game.