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JellyLab Co.
Oct 22, 2023
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Exolotl: Zian MOD Unlock All is a platformer-style action game you should not miss. In this game, players will accompany the main character on an endless journey with the appearance of many traps and enemies. Be ready for the most demanding challenges, and you will achieve your goals when you surpass your limits.

Introducing Exolotl: Zian APK

Not belonging to the shooting or survival genre as the general trend, Exolotl: Zian still offers enough content to attract any player. Accordingly, this action game, combined with platformer elements from publisher JellyLab Co, will impress you for the first time. Players can transform into one of five main characters to overcome a series of complex challenges that appear on the screen.

It has many diverse environments and exciting stories for you to explore in this game. To download Exolotl: Zian through Google Play, you will have to pay a subscription fee of 2.99 USD. Of course, you can also download the APK version below this article for a completely free experience.

Exolotl: Zian MOD – Action platformer game with classic graphics

Joining Exolotl: Zian, players can accompany Prince Zian and his brave friends on a dangerous journey. Together, they will overcome many difficulties and challenges to save Planet Exolotl from the oppression of King Orion. Not only did he ruthlessly invade the planet, but he also kidnapped the king of Exolotl, Zian’s father. Gradually, the main story in the game will open with a lot of exciting content that will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

The gameplay hasn’t changed too much.

If you have played platformer games before, you will quickly realize the similarities when playing Exolotl: Zian. As mentioned, players will transform into Prince Zian on this dangerous journey. Through each level of the game, you must explore, avoid obstacles, destroy enemies, and collect valuable items.

This game allows players to control up to five unique characters with weapons and abilities. Switching between characters will require you to develop flexible strategies, making the most of each character’s strengths. Because the enemies in each level will change continuously, promising to bring you different challenges.

Overcome diverse environmental systems.

The common point of platformer games is to provide a diverse environmental system with many areas to explore. Exolotl: Zian is no exception. This game will take players on a journey through different environments. Start from the deep forest, followed by the beach in bright sunlight, then dive deep into the mystical kingdom beneath the ocean.

Don’t stop there; you will continue to explore the dirty sewer streets, the vibrant neighborhoods of the future cyber city, and the laboratory filled with tough challenges. Each environment is delicately designed, giving players a classic yet unique experience.

Face dangerous enemies

You will face many dangerous enemies during this journey, such as aliens, mutants, and robots. Each battle requires players to have high concentration and flexible use. Activate skills to restore peace to planet Exolotl.

At the same time, this game also integrates more than 12 levels with increasing difficulty that will push players to their limits. On the way, you can meet adorable Axolotl babies and rescue them to make yourself happy. Are you ready to enter the eight epic battles that Exolotl: Zian will bring?

Classic image, creating a nostalgic feeling

Although it was recently released, the graphic quality of Exolotl: Zian MENU MOD will help you quickly feel nostalgia from the first experience. This game will recall the golden age of video games a few decades ago, thanks to the familiar quality of pixel graphics. The game is cut from meticulously crafted pixel images, creating a vibrant world with vivid colors for all players. Accompanied by outstanding background music and sound, it inspires players more.

MOD version of Exolotl: Zian APK

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It can be seen that Exolotl: Zian MOD APK has successfully recreated the classic features of old games on your Android device. Players will find familiar highlights through unique storylines and exciting gameplay through each level. Exploration, action, and combat will be the elements that you need to ensure when playing this game.