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Mar 26, 2022
Feb 28, 2024
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Are you interested in the war for the magic kingdom in the Era of Magic Wars MOD APK? This is an exciting tactical game that allows players to control legendary creatures fighting in endless wars. In this article, I’m going to help you understand this fascinating game.

Introduction to Era of Magic Wars

Joining the Era of Magic Wars, players will be taken to a magical world with the appearance of legendary creatures. This isn’t an ordinary world, with a lot of magic and chaotic battles going on everywhere. In the course of the game, you will become a skilled leader who engages in unique battles with the aim of defeating every enemy. Besides, the TINYSOFT publisher also allows players to collect heroes and help them become stronger in subsequent battles. Currently, you can download Era of Magic Wars through Google Play or on your website for a quick experience.

Training strong allies.

The age of magic will be unfolded in front of the eyes of players as they experience the Era of Magic Wars for the first time. In this game, you will have an unforgettable journey in a vast world with the appearance of legendary creatures. To defeat every enemy, you need to have a powerful army of the best warriors.

First, the player will start by summoning strong allies to fight the enemy. Accordingly, the fighting mechanisms in the Era of Magic Wars revolve around the battles in familiar turns. Both teams will play with the most appropriate tactics while exploiting the strength of their allies to weaken the enemy. Besides, you can also click on the skill icon to help your hero unleash powerful skills. After each skill is used, the character will consume a certain amount of energy.

Fighting game by turn

The Era of Magic Wars provides an arena divided by intersecting hexagonal cells. Each minion corresponds to a hexagonal square, and they can move to any square the player requires. Of course, you can’t move your soldiers to the enemy cell if they’re still on the screen. If your troops get close to the enemy’s position, the next deployment can attack the nearby enemy immediately.

Basically, the player’s task is to find a way to attack the enemy and destroy their entire squad quickly. Therefore, the move in this game plays an extremely important role, requiring players to think carefully to optimize the strength of each character. Don’t worry too much; your experience will increase after taking part in many battles.

There are more than 50 creatures to choose from

The number of creatures in the Era of Magic Wars is very diverse, with over 50 characters to choose from. Most creatures are divided into different groups, including knights, dragons, masters, griffins, Medusa, and more. The fighting capabilities of the creatures are completely different. You can rely on this to come up with the best tactics in each battle. Moreover, combining creatures together to form a comprehensive team is a very important element in this game.

Join the competitive PvP arena

Competitive PvP Arena is one of the modes you should not miss when experiencing Era of Magic Wars. It’s a place where the world’s most talented people compete to assert their talents. Remember that your opponents are all experienced players, so take advantage of their weaknesses to increase the odds of winning. Overall, this is the right way to train your thinking skills and develop the best tactics.

Clear 3D graphics

The sharp 3D graphics quality is one of the factors that keeps Era of Magic Wars attractive to many players at the moment. This game brings intense battles with visual subtlety. All the characters as well as the skill effects in the game will make sure you can’t take your eyes off the screen from the first experience. Besides, the colour system is also very good, with a variety of different colours.

What’s the Era of Magic Wars MOD APK version?

  • Unlimited money

The Era of Magic Wars MOD APK will allow players to control legendary creatures to engage in fierce battles with high competitiveness. This game brings the age of magic, with a lot of exciting content waiting for you to explore. Besides, you can download the MOD below this article to increase the odds of winning battles in the game.