Endless Quest 2 MOD (High Damage, No Skill CD, Money)

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Sep 20, 2023
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Endless Quest 2 MOD APK (Infinite Money) is a loose action game with 3D graphics. You’ll be playing the little warriors and accompanying them in battle with the classic monsters. Defeating battles, collecting prey, and exploring new lands—are you ready to start?

About Endless Quest 2

The action RPG genre is combined with free play. That’s what you find in Endless Quest 2, a game developed by ShereGame. It still keeps the gameplay familiar for many action games today. It allows gamers to take on the role of warriors, fight and receive rewards, then upgrade, expand the experience, and explore ever-new quests and plots. However, if you want to enjoy this without doing much, this game is definitely for you. It turns controls and fights into free controls that anyone can easily play on their phones. Click to move, click to deploy skills, and click to view effects.

Endless Quest 2: Endless Action Adventure in the Ancient World

Endless Quest 2 is installed and played for free on Android phones. It can also run offline, so players can play whenever they want. If you’re too busy to enter the game, your character will also fight alone. You’ll get a bonus when you get back, but of course, it’s not as good as playing alone.

Enter roles and fight freely

Endless Quest 2 is the story of two young warriors, Leo and Lilina, who have been friends since childhood. They’re brave warriors, and they’re on their sides on dangerous missions. Now, when peace is once again destroyed by Ragnarok’s aggressive army, they are reunited to fight and protect the world. Players will take on the role of Leo and control him in each battle. And Lilina will be a reliable companion to Leo’s conquest of every path.

The battle of the game will take place continuously. Players pass each battle in turn until they reach a new level to unlock the next level. In the process, they need to monitor every action of the hero. Click the control key on the left to move Leo, and click the skill icon on the right of the screen to attack. Generally speaking, there’s not much to do. The skills will take a certain amount of time to recover, so take the time to use them. Characters will automatically attack regularly and perform skills when called. Your job is to consider the strategy of upgrading the hero and maximizing the power of the two warriors.

Unlock prey and upgrade warrior

After each game, if the player wins, they will receive valuable loot. It includes gold coins, equipment, weapons, and other items. Gold coins are useful for unlocking weapons and upgrading characters. When upgraded, your warrior will increase indicators such as skill damage, weapon damage, crit, hit, Boss reward points, etc. Besides, they can learn new skills to use in battle with the enemy. More and more, they become stronger and more ready to face the increasingly acute challenges over time.

Explore and develop the plot

The levels of Endless Quest 2 are arranged according to the progress of the plot. So gamers will explore the game world step by step, from the opening events to the mysteries inside the mysterious land. Through it, they learned to persevere, advance, and become an integral part of the ancient kingdom. They will be heroic warriors praised by the world for their righteous hearts, ready to sacrifice for the safety of the world. The deeper you go, the clearer that responsibility is, and the more you can’t deny it. Thanks to this, the game has a great attraction for gamers throughout the long run.

Lovely and friendly anime graphics

Although it’s an action game, Endless Quest 2 is designed with pretty cute graphics. Everything is built on a simple yet colorful, sharp, and realistic 3D platform. The characters are not so varied, but they are carefully designed in terms of appearance and skill. The movements and performances are also very lively and smooth. Furthermore, the background music is quite vibrant, combined with the sound from the movement, making the experience more real than ever.

What’s the Endless Quest 2 MOD APK version?

  • Unlimited Money

Are you ready for endless battles in Endless Quest 2 MOD APK? Start from the starting line and conquer every step you go through to explore further. The game will be more and more diverse, with new enemies, new skills, and new powers. You will progress as the game progresses to overcome increasingly complex battles. Or if you’re stuck all the time, crazy monsters will end up with you in an instant. Win to be a hero, or lose and be anonymous. The choice is yours.