Duet Cats (MOD, Unlocked)

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Nov 16, 2022
Mar 3, 2024
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Duet Cats MOD gives you a unique experience when immersed in songs and duets with cute cats—an adorable game for music and cat lovers. Music-loving cats hum tunes while eating food that falls from above. Download with ApkPixel and accompany the cats on the journey to enjoy food and sing exciting songs.

Introduction to the game Duet Cats

In Duet Cats MOD, you will be accompanied by adorable cats. These cats have an endless passion for music; they hum and feel their music. Not only singing, but the cats also have to move to catch the constantly randomly dropped food. You will have to control two cats every time the song is played. The songs will continue only when complete; try to make them have enough food and complete the whole piece.

You need to relax, listen, and feel the song’s rhythm to move the cats continuously and accurately. Control 2 cats in parallel, collect a lot of food while singing the music, and win.

Melodies and cats

You will play a talented conductor in Duet Cats mod for full money; your job is to control the cats so that they can complete the song. The cats love music, and they are singing a duet together. However, to complete the piece, they need to be eaten; now, you are more than just a conductor. Accompany the cats and be clever so they can get as much food as possible. Because the tunes only continue when the cats are total. The sweet sounds and rhythms of the cute cats’ voices will surely make you enjoy them.

Cats love to sing

Like us, the cats in Duet Cats MOD have an endless source of inspiration for music and songs. Not only are they cute, but they are also music masters. The songs with the distinctive voice of cats will surely make you laugh. Also, each cat has a different voice, and you can constantly change them to feel.

To be able to unlock other cats, you need to complete the challenges by collecting enough food and not letting the song pause. Show your love of music and top-notch reflexes so that the duet tunes of the cats are constantly resounding.

So much food

Cat duets can only take place ideally when they have enough food. The dishes will randomly fall from the top; your job is skillfully moving them. In addition to the default foods, you can buy more foods cats love in the supermarket. Delicious food will make the cats happier and improve the songs. Enjoy exciting duets, but don’t forget to control the cats so they can be full.

Cat songs

The voices of adorable cats now perform famous and familiar songs. The meows to the tune of the song will surely make you laugh. They will constantly sing and duet together when provided with enough delicious food, which is entirely up to you. Complete each song to unlock new tunes and vocals. Enjoy your cat’s favorite songs in a relaxing hum with Duet Cats MOD.

Duet Cats MOD version features APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock songs for free

Duet Cats MOD APK offers an exciting experience in a world of cats who love music and singing. The funny songs of cats will give you real fun and relaxation. Become a companion to the cats, control them to collect food, and hum familiar songs. Download Duet Cats now to enjoy the best duets from the cats!

Reviews from users

Mya Lambert: This is one of the best games I’ve ever had. From the songs I’ve played, I know it sounds like the actual song with meows. There aren’t that many songs to choose from. I recommend adding more popular pieces; there are some songs I’ve never heard before. When you pick a bit, t: They have two sections: the meower section, self-explanatory, and the instrumental area, where there is no meowing, just instruments. You can also choose different cats to play with and different foods.

Glenn Boswell: I ADORE this game! It is so adorable! I love the different cats you can use and the fantastic songs! I think you can add more Popcat skins and change the meow because all the pieces have the same sound; I want you to change that to make the game a little more interesting, but overall, Amazing game!

Amelia Becnel: Cute & Enjoyable! I love the fact they have a nice variety of music! Especially Hispanic music; I’m a massive fan of Camilo! I can’t wait for them to add more songs!

Lauren Phillips: Super cute and fun. I love how they have songs where the cats sing. It’s so adorable!!! Of course, I will always complain about the amount of ads. I wish there were less. I wouldn’t say I like it when you make a mistake and continue the song you watch an ad. It throws your rhythm off. But I still very much enjoy playing this game!

Joseph Clarkson: It is fantastic, one of the best music games I’ve ever played. It’s cute creative, fun, and adorable. The gameplay is excellent, and so are the songs. There are not too many ads. Just once every time you finish a level. And the ads can get pretty annoying. But I suggest just turning off your internet. That’s another good thing—overall great game. Thanks for responding. Nothing wrong with Astonishing fun!

Okdokey Anime: I love this for many reasons 1) Not many ads! Unlike most games like this, there aren’t ads every 2 seconds, which I appreciate 2) The variety of cats! There are proly 100s of cats you can get, and the bonus is that they are all CUTE 3) It’s just a fantastic game! This game can go on all phones, and who wouldn’t love it? The only thing that I ask is to pretty please add Enem to the song list. Ty so much will still love this game even if you guys don’t. Keep up the excellent work! Recommend!

Olivia Hoffman Rey (Livvy): Wow! I love this app so much!! This app is so cute. You can try to get more cats and watch ads to watch them. I COMPLETELY recommend this game. I love the replacement of the meows! But if you’re like me, you don’t mind watching an ad after every song. But this is a great game! But, you have to use both thumbs(I’m okay with it), but just maybe one thing, this isn’t bad. Can you perhaps not do so many ads, especially on cats? Thank you!!!! I love this game!

Kyle LeJeune: it makes me happy. So cute! I like the concept of playing by yourself or with a friend without changing modes. Overall, the controls are easy to understand, and the game is well-made.