CarX Street (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Feb 1, 2023
Nov 19, 2023
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CarX Street MOD is a real street racing game with top 3D graphics. Bring a feeling of excitement when participating in eye-catching races at breakneck speed. Get ready to unlock an endless list of supercars and show off your best driving skills to win the championship. Let’s explore with ApkPixel, the game that brings this high experience!

About the game CarX Street

You will be a super racer, participating in non-stop races day and night. Your task is to show off your professional and excellent racing skills and score points against the most challenging players.

Experience the thrill of racing with friends, fierce competition, and escape from the police chase.

With a variety of racing modes and missions, you won’t stop busy. Focus on driving skillfully and completing challenging tasks. Many new and unique car models will help you not get bored.

Be prepared because you won’t be racing in a single location. The race will take place everywhere, with different complicated roads. You must train your skills to become an excellent top racer.

Experience with many different game modes

CarX Street MOD racing game gives you a variety of game modes, bringing whole fun. Arcade mode will take you to participate in races with increasing difficulty with each level, providing an exciting experience. Meanwhile, Multiplayer Racing mode will put you in thrilling online races where you can compete with other racers worldwide. In addition, when you first start the game, you can learn how to control the car through the practice mode. This is where you can sharpen your skills and quickly get used to the controls.

Simplified control mechanism

CarX Street Mod APK has built an intuitive, simplified control system to make it easy for you to join and fully enjoy the fun and entertainment time with the game. You need to focus on feeling and performing in the race. Your skills will be shown through the correct combination of throttle, braking, and acceleration to reach the finish line first and win over the opponents.

The game will bring close-up camera angles, immersing you in a fierce car race. This feeling is similar to being involved in dramatic action movies. With unsurpassed speed, you launch like flying on the road, surpassing your opponents with skill and intelligent tactics. All of this is experienced in a beautiful, engaging environment outside the car’s doors, allowing you to enjoy the stunning panorama of the race.

Flexible handling in all situations

CarX Street MOD gives you diverse and rich racing tracks. These are not just dangerous jungle roads or classic race tracks. Instead, the racetracks on CarX Street are busy and crowded streets, with the appearance of many vehicles. You will experience sharp turns, bustling routes, winding roads around the sea, and even beautiful streets shimmering at night.

Each racing journey is a separate story with many interesting situations. Your task is to handle these circumstances and situations skillfully. You need to ensure safety and reach the finish line as soon as possible to win and climb to the top of the global rankings.

Realistic and sharp 3D graphics

The game’s feature is a simulated 3D graphics system with extreme realism. The racing cars in the game are all accurate models of famous car manufacturers, giving the feeling of looking at real cars. The streets in CarX Street Mod APK are also impressively designed, creating a racing space that is both real and beautiful. Moreover, the vivid sound system in the game brings extremely thrilling and stimulating speed racing experiences.

CarX Street MOD APK version features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock all cars

The above advantages have helped CarX Street MOD APK become the ultimate racing game. From diverse car models along with many exciting modes, they are very addictive for players. Download the game now to conquer all journeys in this challenging race.

Reviews from users

Vincentius Onny Hendra: Absolutely love the game. But the customization has some room for improvement. I love to have a vinyl graphic or sponsor sticker on my car. Not only it make the car looks better, but also it will differentiate my car from other players’ car. It will make my car unique. Tinted windows and neon lights on the floor of my car will also make the car even better. I hope the developer will read this.

Aditya Mohapatra: Imposing game. I’ve wanted this from a mobile racing game since a long time ago – open world, free roam, and much more, just like what you would expect from AAA NFS games. But this delivers even more – a fully 3D map, photo mode, and great graphics. Performance optimization is much needed. I’ve encountered bugs, huge FPS drops, prolonged loading times, and poor memory management. Although I again have to say, all the performance issues aside, this game has insane potential.

Andrey Kuznetsov: This Game is gorgeous, and I’ve been playing it since its launch on iOS and just now downloaded it on Android. My only two complaints are regarding the recent update and controller. First, it doesn’t let me turn off assists like in cars drift two, and with a controller, they feel terrible (they are still good with touch, though). The second is also about controllers and is the traction control keybindings on L3 which, in only 5 minutes of playing, made me accidentally switch it on five times. Thank you, devs.

Sinn Garath: The game is fantastic. But it crashes all the time. Please, optimize it! Make it stable! I want to play it, but I can’t. I don’t believe there is a game better than CarX Street, but it’s unplayable for me at the moment. I want to thank you for the excellent job you did, but Please, Please, Please… Fix the game and make it stable.

Karim Hisham: The most beautiful open-world racing game; keep fixing the bugs in this game, make it smoother, and let us get the highest graphics without lags or crashes; it will be the best car game created and would be the top overall other games. Thank you for this realistic game; it’s the best I ever tried.

Hafiz Gea: I can’t play the game, and it shows an unknown error has occurred; please try again later. So I contact the support team and tell my problem. The support team replied and helped me to solve it. But I still can’t play the game. Despite the issues, I love the support team eager to help me. I hope one day I can play this game. Cheers! 5 stars!

Tanim Chowdhury: It’s excellent; the open world is massive, and the graphics are impeccable. Although I started a day ago, I am slowly racking up coins or currency, and there aren’t the best ways to earn money now. Even though there isn’t a wide variety of hypercars, the game is playable (just my preference).

Chad Vince: I give it five stars because of the developers’ track record and the fact they are building the game alongside the community. Patience is vital, and although the mobile version is rough around the edges, the fun factor is there, blowing the higher-end AAA titles out of the water. Of course, you can micro-transaction your way through the story, but taking your time and earning things feel so rewarding and worth returning for more. I can’t wait for the console release.

Christopher Taylor: I like this game, with its lagging, glitching, crashing, etc. I’ve been waiting so long for it to come out on Android that I will enjoy it to the fullest. It has its issues, but I could care less; you won’t find another open-world car game for Android/ ios even if you tried.

Dorin Anghel: Honestly, I am very impressed. Even though it needs optimization and bug fixing and lacks a story mode, the game is stunning, the controls are great, and the map is vast, and what everyone waited for, a great mobile nfs like multiplayer community, but most of all, a fun game. Also, it still lags, but maybe that is my device’s fault, although I think it isn’t bad.