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Nov 27, 2023
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Bomber Friends MOD is a tactical action game with explosive and engaging battles. Join Bomber Friends. You will be competing with many other players worldwide. Place bombs skillfully and win fierce fighting. A game loved by millions of players, let’s experience with ApkPixel the Hack version to unlock Skins and immortality entirely for free.

About Bomber Friends

A Bomberman-style bomb game is probably not too strange for many people. Bomber Friends Mod is also a game with a mobile version that players can experience anytime, anywhere. Let’s relive the thrill and fun of the bomb battles loved by generations of gamers.

If you have ever had time to experience the PC version of this famous game, it will be swift to get used to it. It still has familiar gameplay, but this version has been improved and optimized for mobile. Download and participate in theatrical bomb battles in Bomber Friends Mod.

Memorable experiences

Start the game by logging in and choosing a name for yourself; after completing it is now time to participate in the battles. If you are unsure or have forgotten how to play, do not worry; the game has a detailed guide system and practice screens before participating in combat. After completing the drills, you can join battles with your opponents or team up to fight.

It would be best to destroy the opponent as quickly as possible before the allotted time ran out. If no team has won, the team with more stars will immediately win. In the battle, players must pay attention to “eat” many essential items, such as bombs that explode longer, run faster, and create armor to increase their chances of victory.

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Easy control operation

Because it is built and optimized for mobile, that’s why Bomber Friends Mod is extremely easy to manipulate and control. By controlling the virtual buttons on the phone screen, you can perform most operations such as moving, placing bombs… Everything is laid out in an intuitive and easy-to-operate manner.

Move quickly, and use virtual buttons on the screen to help the character plant bombs. In addition, you can activate many other unique skills efficiently. However, these skills cannot be performed continuously; you need a certain recovery period. Consider using these special skills at the correct times to win.

Experience many different game modes.

The most notable feature of Bomber Friends is that many attractive game modes help players always feel interested during the experience. Some popular methods such as:

Bomber Friends Mod has countless attractive game modes to experience; you will not feel bored when playing. In addition to the classic game mode, you also have many other game modes; let’s explore each game mode one by one.

Classic mode

One of the legendary and most loved game modes in Bomber Friends. In this game mode, you will fight with four other players. You will use all your skills, move skillfully to destroy all opponents on the map, and win.

Multiplayer mode

With this game mode, Bomber Friends Mod allows you to compete with more players. Depending on each action, 6-8 players will fight together. With the safe zone mechanism, you can fight continuously using tactics and good moves to win.

Besides the two prevalent game modes mentioned above, Bomber Friends gives you beautiful experiences in two other ways: Reversi Tournament and Team Battles.

Customize your character

With the money and diamonds earned after each match, players can use them to buy items in the store or upgrade their characters. You can easily customize the surface according to your preferences; in addition to making the feeling more relaxed, it also helps increase your joy points.

Bomber Friends Mod Apk version features

  • Unlock full Skins for free
  • Mod Menu, immortal.

Bomber Friends MOD APK is a mobile bomb game with today’s most popular Bomberman gameplay. Engage in fast-paced and fun battles. Collect a lot of bombs, destroy opponents on the map, and win. It will bring you an unforgettable experience; download it now!

Reviews from users

Sydney B: It gives the right nostalgia, an entertaining game. The controls are great, and online loading is friendly. My only complaint is that there is a glitch with the spinning wheel, it will sometimes make you watch an ad, and then the wheel won’t spin. It will give an error message. Still, a fantastic game!

Radge Macasaddu: This is an old game, and this is a unique game because I have a best friend, and we play a lot of this game, but in 2021, she left me, and she moved to a new house, so I so thank full to this game. These are my memories.

Shaina Masbang: It is good. It is hard, but it is so freaking good. I loved this game. Download it, and you can invite a friend!

Sushmita Biswas: l give it five stars because it’s hella addictive. My friends and I are hooked on this game and play it all the time. There are inevitable glitches or problems with the controls, but that’s okay. The ads are annoying. Like, after every game with random people, you have an ad, so, um, that isn’t very pleasant. Otherwise, great great great fun!

Ahmed Shahzad: If you are looking for a game with competitive pvp mode, a game where money can’t buy you skills, short timed, fun, time killer, with friends mode, Download this!

MysticxlRei: It was great, but I keep dying on events. That’s why I get only a few stuff. But it’s cool. It’s just a game. A game where kids can have fun!

Trendz Today: The design concept of the game and graphics are good. I have only two suggestions:- 1) While paying for the game, the game map could be giant, or if it could fit the entire phone screen, it would look much better. 2) Vibration mode can be added to the game. When a bomb explodes, and the game map shakes – the phone can vibrate during that time. This will further enhance the gameplay experience. Kindly highlight the above suggestions to the relevant developer’s team for consideration.

Sanjeev Tripathi: I love this game! No lags in multiplayer, and the music and the controls are spot on! One feature request is to have voice conversations with the people in-game during multiplayer. It might be too much to ask for, but that would be pretty neat! 5* anyway! Thank you for making this!

Cemetière: It’s excellent! They are recommended for different levels with easy, moderate, and hard conquest. I can also interact with other people—varied and customizable avatars.

Cutieshe Dela Rosa: I enjoy this. Each level is very challenging at the same time, enjoyable. It was typical yet not typical Bomberman I used to play. You can fight along with your friends and sibling. I also like it when I customize my avatar and the events and battles. All in all, I love it.

Janel Daligdig: The game is super cool, and the ads are pretty impressive. I mean, I understand you put ads in fun, especially if it is a free game, but yeah, I see there are a lot of special rewards when you buy a seasonal pass, and it includes skipping the ads of it. Overall, the game is fantastic. I love it.