Banana Kong (MOD, Bananas/Hearts)
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FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
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Dec 3, 2013
Jan 16, 2024
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Banana Kong MOD is a viral fun entertainment game on mobile. Accompany Kong on a journey of adventure and explore caves and forests full of exciting things—an action game with a gentle style with beautiful classic gameplay. In this article, let’s discover with ApkPixel, the entertaining action game with the traditional style of Banana Kong.

About Banana Kong

Banana Kong MOD is an entertaining role-playing game with a bit of action that is extremely popular. Although it was released by FDG Entertainment more than a decade ago, this game is still loved by millions of players. Starting the game, you will accompany the monkey named Kong on the journey to explore the vast and mysterious forest. However, on that journey, he encountered many challenges and pitfalls. You also need to collect a lot of bananas along the way, pass different levels and register with high scores.

Banana Kong is a highly suitable game for everyone to enjoy after hours of studying and working stress. Classic gameplay that lasts with time is simple to get used to but not easy to get bored with. Each level contains a new challenge waiting for you to overcome, so skillfully use your skills to conquer and overcome all obstacles.

The plot is simple but attractive.

Banana Kong has a plot revolving around a monkey named Kong; he is highly mischievous and curious, so he decides to explore the vast forest. In the journey to explore different places in the woods, there will be many challenges that it must overcome. The scene changes with each level, equivalent to the locations that Kong is explored. From vast green forests to mysterious caves or hanging branches, he is exploring the seabed with many exciting things.

At each different level, there will be various traps and obstacles that you need to overcome. For example, in a volcanic area, you must be careful with molten lava and giant rocks. Similar to other contexts, dangers such as spider webs and wild animals… are always that you must overcome. To be able to collect bananas along the way, you need to be very skillful. If you are lucky, sometimes you will also receive help from friends in the forest, such as birds, turtles, and pigs…

Classic gameplay

Banana Kong MOD has an ancient gameplay that perhaps many 8x and 9x gamers have experienced. The game gives you moments of real entertainment without overthinking. It would be best to touch the screen to help the monkey move and perform actions such as running, climbing, or swimming. In the early stages, everything is quite simple and easy. However, the difficulty will increase later, requiring ingenuity and quickness.

Graphics and sound

Banana Kong MOD unlimited money even though it was released long ago, but the game’s graphics are stunning and eye-catching. The game is designed in a fun and bright style; every movement is smooth. The air and animals are designed in a charming cartoon style. Meanwhile, the scenery and terrain in the levels are realistically sketched. The sound of Banana Kong is lively and fun, sure to bring you moments of great relaxation and entertainment.

Banana Kong MOD APK version features

  • Unlimited money mod

Banana Kong MOD APK is a light entertainment action game to help you relax after stressful working and studying hours. A game with classic gameplay but not dull. Let’s download and accompany Kong to explore the fascinating forest.

Reviews from users

Papa Happy: This game is fun and exciting, and the animations are detailed and realistic. The sound effects give the game flair and make it more epic. I love how when you jump, you don’t just tap the screen; you can also go up and then jump. Going to different places is satisfying, and the locations all have additional features. Just one problem – sometimes the game starts slowly when you first go in, and the screen freezes. But the game is pleasing and is fun to play.

Nacho: I love the game; I played it a year ago and recently found it again. My only problems are that you can’t use the power dash underwater (I can understand that since you HAVE to get bit by the alligator); I don’t like the beach. The beach is just my opinion, other people might like it, but I don’t. And the golden hearts. You only get five, and you have to either buy them with real money or do missions and wait to get golden heart missions; apart from that, it’s a top-tier game for me.

Ali-Ann: This game is addictive. I love how you can go to different places and the endless tasks. Overall good; this game is fantastic!!! I also love that there are so many parachutes and hats. The power-ups are unique! How you swing on the vines, dive in the caves, and run on the beach is breathtaking.

Monte: This was my childhood game, and I returned to it after 15 years and played it. It was terrific, so overall, I recommend this game to everyone. Please play this game. Also, the missions keep popping up repeatedly, so that’s annoying, but whoever made this game, thank you. My cousin also says it’s the most excellent game he has ever played for now. Adding on to the 15 years I played means that I am 20 years old.

Casondra Merrick: It’s fun, simple, and yet still challenging! You can opt for the tutorial in settings, which helps a lot. The graphics are great, and there are ads, but you can skip them after a few seconds. All in all, it’s a fun game. I wish there were more options to watch videos for stuff, but that’s my only complaint!

John Harlow: Good music, power-ups, and random levels keep you playing. I prefer random stories over beating mission after mission until no more tasks are left because random groups last forever. Getting rid of ads costs only 0.99, less than Sonic Runners and the whole game of Mario Run, so it’s not a rip-off if you like this game.

Siria Sanchez Neri: it’s just great. I am not having any problem. But I do have a suggestion: maybe challenge rounds where you can win prizes and perhaps even backing. It would work if you tap on the challenge matches and clicks the level with the thing you want to win. One of the levels can be a boss, where you have to get as many bananas as possible and then throw them all at the boss and see if you have enough to take down the boss.