Armed Heist (MOD, Immortality)

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Oct 30, 2023
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Armed Heist is one of the most popular 3rd-person shooter games today. When participating in the game, you will be a notorious robber conducting cult robbery missions. Completing the task and not being caught by the police has never been easy. That’s why ApkPixel would like to send you the Armed Heist Mod Full version, immortality completely free, for you to experience.

Download Armed Heist Mod – An attractive role-playing shooting game.

Armed Heist will put you in the role of a bandit; your task will be participating in dramatic looting and shooting missions in many different locations. With more than 70 missions spoiled for you to explore and conquer after completing the robbery missions. You can upgrade and buy more weapons and modern equipment. But be very careful because you will always be in the sight of the police.

Play the role of a notorious criminal.

In the game, there is a highly diverse Vietnamese character system for you to choose from; you can freely select the characters with different masks for yourself. Along with that extremely cool clothes and appearance, choose a character you like to start the robbery missions.

In the game, you will control the character from a 3rd person perspective; with this perspective, you can easily observe the general view from which to develop suitable tactics. After performing the robbery, you must find a way to escape from the police siege quickly. There are no more; you must fight and defeat them to create a way out for yourself. After succeeding with actual gunshots, promptly move into the car of your accomplices and leave before the police arrive.

Weapons and equipment are highly diverse.

There are more than 30 types of spoiled for you in the game. Each weapon has its advantages and uses. Changing weapons means changing your tactics; you can optionally select rifles, sniper rifles, or machine guns… In addition, you can also craft and raise your own. Level up your weapons to make them stronger.

The selection of accessories is also highly diverse; it makes your missions easier. Buy yourself the necessary equipment such as armor, gun barrel, silencer, handle, or magazine. It is not known what will happen next, so your job is to prepare everything carefully.

In addition, you can freely customize costumes, hairstyles, and accessories for your character to be excellent. The system of costumes in the game is highly diverse. Feel free to be creative and coordinate your character according to your preferences. In addition to the outfit, the hair and mask are essential.

System of missions and diverse locations

Armed Heist Shooting games have many missions for you to perform freely. Each task is in a different location and with various tasks. No job is the same as another; you will have to carefully study from the map to other technical issues to carry out the robbery and escape safely and successfully.

Later missions will be much more difficult; unexpected situations always happen. For example, someone in the bank has a gun or encounters other robbers. Everything constantly changes and happens unexpectedly, making players not bored.

The armed Heist Mod APK version features for free

  • Unlimited money mod
  • Hack Immortal

A role-playing shooting game that is highly worth trying; hopefully, with Armed Heist Mod APK version, you will have fun and exciting moments.

Reviews from users

Kristina Rain: I rarely see such attention to detail in mobile games. The fact I can continuously pepper incoming vehicles, walls, windows, objects, etc., with bullets from both my weapons while seeing tires pop, doors and hoods unlatched, and coming to rest nearby the ruined vehicles amongst broken glass and debris, smoke, and steam from engine damage, etc. put a massive smile on my face. I LIKE this attention to detail. I could write all day about it. Do NOT change this. Thank you.

Coltyn Allen: A perfect game. First one I have enjoyed in so long. PVP is fun, multiplayer is fun, and mechanics are simple and easy. Graphics are pretty good for a mobile game. One issue is with the controls modifier, to change where the buttons are. It glitches and teleports the controls when I try to move them. Besides that game is fine. One recommendation is to make it so that your weapons and armor can be favored so they get parts more often but in lower amounts. Good work; looking forward to updates.

Melvin Mccullough: I like the game so far. The weapons and rewards are excellent. I do have a few suggestions, though. If possible, can you guys add a world or global chat so players can communicate and add a way to recruit people into your organization? That would be great. All and all, the game is dope.

John Daniel Jaducana: This is the best shooter game. The graphics and gameplay are fun, but I hope new things are coming to the game, like a grenade or flashback that you can throw, the car can explode, and you can make skins for your gun or your mask. That would be fun.

Manny Amato: This game was awkward control-wise, and I rated it a 3, but with the addition of autofire, it is a solid five now. The combat is much smoother now. Thank you for adding that feature.

Adam Johnson: Entertaining and easy game. I love all the customizations you can do. Graphics could be slightly better than your character’s face and mask looking like plastic.

Malti Devi: This game has excellent graphics and gameplay. When I started playing this game, it looked n it looks the graphics, gameplay, and best time ever.

Mary Moxey: This game is fantastic. I. ‘m entertaining. I recommend everyone to try this. The game is fine. You can rob banks and play with a lot of friends. You can play with multiple players, and you can play with your regular friends. Everyone is playing this game, please.

Frank H Cousins: Ok. After waiting a month or so, I downloaded it again, and now it’s working fine for me. So thanks for fixing that massive problem with loading the game after downloading the App. Such a good job. Now let’s see how long it takes before I hit a pay Wall or something else. Lol. It’s all good.

Jeremy Ferreira: the game is perfect because suitable game modes are upgraded, you can play with friends, and the bots are good.