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Jan 23, 2013
Mar 21, 2024
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8 Ball Pool MOD is one of the most popular phone billiard game versions. – Many gamers worldwide loved and appreciated the game when it was released. The game of billiards is probably not too strange for many people, even though many people love it, but not everyone has the conditions and time to participate, and 8 Ball Pool was born. Solve that problem.

In this game, you will play online and test your skills against other players worldwide. To win, you need to practice your skills in combat or training and defeat all your opponents. When participating in game tournaments, your skills improve, and you can also buy different items according to your preferences from the winning matches.

About 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool MOD is a beer game with highly authentic and unique gameplay; for beer enthusiasts, this is one of the games not to be missed. 8 Ball Pool faithfully simulates billiards’ rules and scoring in real life. Judgment and observation, and skill are also necessary to win the game.

To start the game, you first need to understand the rules of billiards. In the game, will be 15 balls distributed equally to each side, seven balls on each side, and a white cue ball. The player will use the stick to hit all his balls into the hole—the player who hits all the balls in the spot first wins.

The game has many different modes for you to experience comfortably. If you are starting, you can share the 1vs1 way, then try more challenging methods. Before each match, two players will bet a certain number of coins. Although the game’s rules do not change much through the levels, you will have to face highly skilled opponents later on. And, of course, the number of bets for each match will be more significant, the games are tense to suffocation, and you have to fight with all your skills and bravery.

High-class matches

With the 8 Ball Pool hack color line, you can efficiently compete and win on many levels. The game will have five different levels, and you will go to another famous city with each group. Travel worldwide and participate in the ultimate matches in 8 Ball Pool MOD. After each game, you can unlock the following levels, win and receive many valuable rewards.

Matches in the most luxurious cities in the world, from London to Sydney, Tokyo, and Las Vegas… And to participate in the games in these places, you need to have the appropriate level. Still, the familiar way of playing and rules, but controlling and manipulating the bat and billiard balls is entirely up to you—by using the direction of the sticks on the screen, then pulling a reasonable force. A shot with the correct order and energy will help the ball move precisely as you want.

Exciting game mode

8 Ball Pool MOD unlimited money has many different game modes for you to experience. The most popular is probably the one vs. one game mode; you can play online with friends or compete offline against the computer. To unlock the following game modes, the minimum condition is that you must pass the first four levels. This is considered a warm-up and familiarization with the game.

A highly fierce game mode requires you to possess high skills, which is Tournament. With this mode, you will be involved in the match with eight other players, defeat all the remaining opponents, and win. And, of course, this is not easy; you need to practice persistently with a fighting spirit. However, if you can conquer this mode, the rewards and titles you receive will be highly worthy.

Features version 8 Ball Pool MOD APK

  • Long Lines MOD
  • MOD unlimited money

8 Ball Pool MOD APK is the most popular billiards simulation game today. With the rules of the game and the experience not too different from the real-life version, it is a game not to be missed for billiard lovers. Join ApkPixel.com to participate in intense, breathtaking matches, persevere in training, and become a legendary player. In addition, you can also connect and play with friends in online games.

Reviews from users

Scott Chance: I love playing this game and find how it helps me mentally prepare for my actual game. However, it feels like the game cheats against me. There are moments when the cue ball scratches when it shouldn’t have; one can visibly see the cue ball subtly redirecting itself, even speeding up or slowing down to perpetuate a bad or difficult leave, especially on the last shot before the 8-ball shot and sometimes on the positioning for the 8-ball image! The subtle interference of the game sucks.

James: By far the best pool game out there; the customer sticks to the actual feel of playing on a table and the graphics & aims to line your shot brilliantly. You can adjust your English drawback top spin left and right English so many good things here. Super fun bonus games. This is the pool adventure you do want to play. Thumbs up. & God Bless your day & every day.

Andrew Piggott: I like this game adverts do not plague it. You can buy items but do not necessarily need to; you can join many clubs to play and request gift boxes for free. The game has been overtaken by hackers/cheaters on the higher-priced tables. This is so annoying. I don’t see the point of playing above 500,000 coins/tokens. I have spent money on some items and am very disappointed that the developers are not doing anything about this issue.

Shane Mullen: 2 many ads – nobody rematches – will lose connection when switching between data and WiFi – will alter shots depending on the chat – the white ball is drawn to the pockets when using full power – the physics of the game are being tampered with ( WHY ? ) – the surprise boxes sometimes disappear, and NOBODY rematches, well almost nobody. It’s starting to become more frustrating than fun.

Robert Smith: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING soon as you do, your game will become tough to play you will scratch when it shouldn’t have scratched. It will hide behind other balls, not letting you have a shot, to make it so you lose and have to repurchase coins or dollars to play instead of thanking the ones that purchase miniclip does just that makes your game challenging to play. I’ve been playing this game for a long time, and it happens every time Miniclip will say they don’t do that, but they do. Thanks a lot

R. Keith Baskett: I’m e joying playing pool on this app. It’s exact and takes some skills to play; it has English you can use an incredible array of cues you can build up and use. It’s so much like playing for real and has many people playing it. You can challenge your friends to play, join clubs and practice your skills anytime. I’ve been doing well, and all the old tricks I use in real pool work here too. Join in on the fun; it also helps improve your actual game. It will help your game four, sure.

Stephen G: Great pool game! The physics of this game is super realistic. The sounds are spot on, too! Be careful, though. Once, I was playing, and the game seemed slow to respond. I selected a game to play, and nothing happened. So I chose another game, and that one started, just to be pulled from that game (which means losing coins) to join the 1st game, which never loaded just saw me lose that game as soon as it entered me. I want to say double-way, but it happened several times that day. Ouch!

Daniel Thomas: Amazing game, very easy to get into; prices are steep for optional extras, but then they are optional. It can be slow to level up, the same with all mobile games. Very good otherwise.

Marcus Tonkin: Several pool games are in the app and play store. I’ve tried about just every one of them. There is nothing close to this one. The rewards and the prizes are very generous; I’ve never personally had server issues slowing the game, and its entirely free upgrades are optional.

Deric Jenkins: I love this game. It is an excellent billiard game. I wish you had a mode where the best out of three was forced. Some players talk a lot of trash but won’t give a rematch. Which I think is childish and entitled spoiled brats. And it isn’t enjoyable. Or take the coins that they’ve earned from the match. The best of the three will be only one more game if they win.