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Sep 28, 2023
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Description MOD Unlock Premium is an application that enhances internet access speed, accessing the most popular blocked websites today. One of the apps that helps you access the internet privately and securely. In this article, let’s learn about the application with ApkPixel and how to use it.

Introduction to + WARP MOD is one of the applications allowing you to completely free change DNS provided by Cloudflare. By changing the server, the user can now access the websites blocked by the carrier, speeding up and stabilizing the user’s internet speed.

Cloudflare is one of the most famous companies in the world for DNS-related services. This company’s DNS service is considered the fastest and most stable globally. It helps users connect to the internet quickly and stably and enhances security and privacy when browsing the web. Initially, the application only appeared on the Windows operating system, but now you can use this great application on your phone.

Faster and safer Internet access

When we visit websites worldwide, the DNS system analyzes and directs us to the server hosting that website. However, for some objective reasons, such as distance or bandwidth, slow down or interrupt this process. MOD was born as an intermediary to help you access the internet more quickly and stably.

Cloudflare has servers located all over the world. Now, instead of accessing the website’s server thousands of kilometers away, you will be directed to the nearest Cloudflare server. Since then, the internet speed has been significantly improved; on the other hand, due to access through an intermediary server, users will avoid the risk of being monitored remotely.

Protect privacy

It not only helps to improve internet access speed, but also helps prevent access history tracking services, limiting the theft of user information. In particular, you will not be saved access logs, do not appear ads when browsing the DNS of This is one of the rare apps that allows users to experience a completely free, ad-free VPN with great speed. According to the announcement from Cloudflare, MOD improves the internet access speed of users by up to 28%.

Simple interface, easy to use MOD is designed in a minimalist style and is convenient for users. You touch the button on the screen to connect to the internet; the application does not require the user to create an account and log in. Accessing the internet securely and privately has never been so quick and easy. For primary users, but if you want advanced settings, also has support in the settings.

Features version MOD APK

  • Premium Unlock
  • Unlimited WARP+ MOD APK is one of the significant applications to help you access the internet quickly and stably. With a simple interface that is easy to operate and many advanced features, this is one of the significant applications to help you protect your privacy. A wholly free but handy application to help you speed up internet access and protect the privacy you have on your phone.

Reviews from users

Rakiul Hoque: is an excellent VPN application. It’s swift and reliable. I gave five stars because of the Shortcut used from Notification Panel. I don’t need to open the application. It works in seconds. The developer is outstanding.

Meow Milev: No money? Can’t afford to buy VPN? Don’t trust modded apps? While visiting China, enter your bank website or yellow page. This can solve all your issues. The paid option is hidden and nonintrusive. No sudden pop-up advertisements. It is highly recommended.

Tags: The app used to work most of the time, but now it consistently doesn’t work; stuck on connecting; sometimes it just says unable to connect. I just don’t get it. Did you forget to test the latest patch before going live, or what?

Rainy days: What the heck with all these reviews? LMFAO? The app works as intended, secures your connection (and avoids stuff like DNS hijacking), and the warp+ is cheap too.

Dela Firmala: Warp+ works excellently and is stable. It can reach my internet maximum plan speed (30 Mbps). The app managed to lift off annoying restrictions and throttle set by my ISP on specific addresses/websites.

Jamal Hossain: I watch anime, but my net is very slow. So, I download this app now I watch anime. Thanks.

Lam Wam: My phone’s wifi connection is several times faster!! I wasn’t expecting it to help much, but this app lets my phone load web searches and images in a split second when it would take a few. Loading videos only takes 2-3 seconds when it took up to 10 before! Phenomenal! Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor! It even makes cellular data-only connections work faster too! Great for when you’re out of the house or don’t trust public wifi!

Ahmed Ghulam: This is by far the best app to use as a VPN. I’ve used it on multiple devices for three years, and it’s simple. No ads on connection/reconnection, free, light, and provides a secure connection. It understands that I must connect and reconnect several times to make the interface simple. Open the app, and turn it on. And pull the status bar to turn it off. I’ve tried a LOT of other free VPN clients, and this is by far the best one.

Arcanum: I like the app; it does what it claims to and is just an “on/off” switch regarding how to use it. I’ve been getting into mobile games more recently, and for some reason, I can’t connect to them with the service, regardless of mobile data or wifi access. I will repeat that I enjoy it… but I’m saddened that it doesn’t always work, even though that’s likely not the app’s fault.

MitoYun’kun: I did not expect to have been using this application for almost a year until I used Zero Trust, and I found that I have been attacked by DDoS as many as 1K requests. Thanks, Cloudflare, you did it!