MEGA MAN 4 MOBILE Apk 1.00.00 by Capcom

New game Release MEGA MAN 4 MOBILE Apk is now available for download for free from the below given link and enjoy. The Fourth Chapter in the Mega Man Saga One Year After Mega Man’s Battle in Space…After restoring peace to humanity’s perilous mining worlds, Mega Man has enjoyed a brief year of respite. But now, the world is once again thrown into turmoil as eight cities are overthrown by rampaging robots! Is this the work of Dr. Wily? Or some mysterious new enemy!? Mega Man sets forth to take down this threat, equipped with the new Mega Buster!

Game Specification:

  • Game Name: MEGA MAN 4 MOBILE
  • Publisher Company: Capcom
  • Game Category: Action
  • Current Version: 1.00.00
  • Released Date: January 4, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Game Features:

  • The “Mega Buster”! Mega Man 4 was the first game to feature the chargeable Mega Buster. Hold down the attack button to charge Mega Man’s arm cannon, and release for a devastating attack!


  • Hold down + jump while playing to slide.
  • Use this technique to move quickly, dodge attacks, and fit through narrow spaces!


  • This version features a choice of two difficulty modes.
  • Normal Mode – (Unlimited continues) The continue screen is displayed whenever Mega Man dies. Selecting Continue allows you to restart from the last checkpoint you passed in the current stage.
  • Hard Mode – This challenging mode limits your number of continues, and enemy attacks deal more damage. There are also fewer checkpoints within stages.
  • OPTIONS (The following settings can be adjusted in-game.)
  • Sound – Increase the number to raise the volume.
  • Vibration – Set to “On” to have your device vibrate when Mega Man takes damage. (Default setting: On) Note: This option will not be displayed on devices with no vibration function.
  • Attack – Auto: Hold the attack button for rapid-fire Mega Buster shots. Manual: Each press of the attack button fires one Mega Buster shot. Tap repeatedly for rapid-fire shots.(Default setting: Auto)
  • Speed – Choose between Normal and High to adjust gameplay speed.
  • Key Config – Change position of the in-game attack button and jump button.

More Info: Google play store

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